Shasta Alignment Reiterates Pleiades-Crop Circles Link

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Since the Pleiades made it to the All-in-One map in 2012, associated alignments have sprung up with the Hopewell Mounds circle that same year, Chualar just a couple of months ago, and now this:

Click HERE for an interactive map

The FMA created by linking the Gray, Inman, and Spanish Fork circles leads directly to Mt Shasta, an iconic peak infused with Pleiadean energy.

This alignment may have escaped notice until now because one component hasn’t been fully explored: the Gray circle appeared in May of 2013 and only very recently made its debut on the map with Chualar’s Braille Number Sign map glyph.

More to the point, however, I think finding this alignment was delayed because we’re engaging in what is essentially a form of dialogue. Time between responses is par for the course – if there can be considered such a thing with this particular conversation.

In any case, I’ve received nothing but confirmation of a Pleiadean link with crop circles since 1995, and this most recent 4-point alignment certainly punctuates that message. When seen in conjunction with the recent Chualar event, it emphasises an overarching connection between “GRAY” and “PLEIADES.” While my own experiences support that conceptual link, the exact nature of the connection is yet to be known.


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3 Responses to “Shasta Alignment Reiterates Pleiades-Crop Circles Link”

  1. Steve Strzelinski says:

    Good to see you back and better than ever Stace!!!

  2. Stace says:

    Thank you, Steve. It’s good to know someone is getting it! Now that you’ve urged me on, I’ve got a new FMA to report on in the next few days, so look for it and let me know what you think. Stace

  3. Steve Strzelinski says:

    Will do 😉

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