Large UFO Over Mount Everest

A new high-resolution photo of Mount Everest and surrounding peaks – one comprised of two billion pixels – clearly shows a UFO in the otherwise clear-blue sky.  The apparently very large object is oddly tilted in the sky over the Himalayas:

Click here to view and navigate the incredibly detailed photo. Just pan to the left until you see the area I have marked with an arrow below, and zoom in to see the Everest UFO for yourself!

I wonder what the photographer has to say about this.


Learn more about the photograph in today’s article at The Guardian.

UPDATE:  20 December 2012.  As I have attempted to analyse the UFO over the past 24 hours, I’ve determined that if the object is a bird, say a goose, then it must be closer to the camera than the people who are milling about in the base camp below the glacier (zoom in at the photo link to see), because the UFO is larger when at full zoom than the people.  However, if it is indeed a goose, at full zoom I would expect to see some details that identify it as a goose since one can clearly see the people in the photo.  I have compared the Everest UFO to photos of flying geese and I just don’t see the resemblance.  I did locate a couple of photos of stealth bombers, though, and the image in the Everest photo looks much more like an aircraft of some sort than a bird.  (Stealth Images Credit:  Aces Flying High )

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7 Responses to “Large UFO Over Mount Everest”

  1. I don’t know what this is, but I loved exploring that photograph. I notice no contrail, no blurring which means it’s not moving that fast or at all unless of course it was shot at an exceptionally high shutter speed which degrade the picture somewhat. Even with a DSLR, I expect there would be some pixelation at higher shutter speeds, however I must admit, I’m not up on the newer cameras and this might be possible. My first impression is that this is a bird in a partial dive and it’s a side profile view. But I can’t say for sure, it could be anything, up to and including an unknown aerial vehicle. I scour the internet daily for new stories and videos and this one has escaped my attention until now. Thanks for continuing to put out new material.

  2. Stace says:

    Thanks for your comment, Steve. I’m glad you brought up that the object doesn’t appear to be moving much, if at all – no blur. And as mentioned in the update to the article, unless the object is much closer to the camera than the people at the base of the glacier, it is very large – much larger than a bird! We can’t know where the object was physically located in the sky (whether in front of or behind that mountain peak), but it appears to be over and beyond the mountain peak. Also, if it is a bird, it’s in a strangely “tucked” configuration, rather than with wings flapping, and again, I’m having a tough time finding any photos of birds that remotely resemble the Everest UFO.

    GlacierWorks, a non-profit organisation documenting “changes to Himalayan glaciers through art, science, and adventure” and founded by the Everest photographer, David Breashears, has published a response to the UFO. Although ultimately admitting they don’t know with certainty what the object is, “David’s best guess, which comes from 33 years of climbing in the region, is that it’s not a UFO but a bird – either a Large-Billed Crow or a Yellow-Billed Chough, which are known to soar above Base Camp in search of scraps leftover from climbers.”

  3. Either way, what a great picture and can you imagine how much we could learn from a picture of a confirmed UFO using a camera of this quality with this kind of resolution. I expect it’s just a matter of time. Merry Christmas to you and yours Stace, and a happy New Years!!!

  4. Hi Stace, I’d like to ask you something in private but I’m not sure if you can see my email. Please answer on here if you have it or can’t see it. Or just email me if you can see it please. Thanks, Steve…Happy St. Pats Day, hope you avoid all the drunks today!!

  5. Stace says:

    I’ve just set up a new e-mail for contact via this website, and should have done so a long time ago, so thanks for the reminder! You can e-mail me a message at dot com.

  6. Thank you, I’ll email you there

  7. tom daramus says:

    Are you familiar with Spirit Mound in South Dakota? It’s a rather anomalous pile of dirt near Vermillion. It has the usual native legends associated with it as documented by Lewis & Clark.
    I believe it to be a mound remnant from a previous culture. I keep getting dead-ended by local ‘ologists’ on the nature of this mound, so I’m hoping someone more qualified could shed some light on this.
    Thanks, Tom

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