Pre-Sensing the Tragedy in Japan

What I experienced a couple of days before the mega-earthquake in Japan was a confluence of precognitive, remote, and deeply empathic sensing so troubling that I’ve had difficulty processing and writing about it.  As the disaster continues to radiate from the quake’s ground zero, however, I need to share what happened:

On the evening of 8 March I was surprised by a vague sense of uneasiness followed by a sudden urge to open my bookmarked link to a list of 2011’s Large and Deadly Earthquakes.  A mag 7.3 had struck just moments before in Japan.  I broke into tears as images filled my mind:  cries of panic in the midst of falling debris and dust; buildings crashing down everywhere; flood waters sweeping people away.

I sought more information.  I told myself that perhaps I’d simply overreacted to the news of the 7.3.  I was somewhat consoled when I learned no casualties had been reported.

Unfortunately, that sense of relief was to be short-lived.

On Friday the 11th, I woke to a changed world:  the massive Japanese earthquake and tsunami were all over the media.  History had been altered in a big way, yet the extent of the devastation eluded perspective.  The cascading visions I’d had a couple days prior were now manifest.

The cataclysm had instantly swallowed up 28,000 human lives in Japan; weeks later, the fallout is proving to be worse than first imagined.  Radiation from Fukushima’s crippled nuclear reactors has poisoned air, food, and water supplies around the world.  At the same time, the Pacific Northwest and Yellowstone remind us of our planet’s light slumber.  Even Canada and Australia, two countries which rarely experience earthquakes, have logged notable temblors in the past couple of weeks.

Earth’s denizens are only a few pages into this new chapter of history.  Unfortunately, it seems my terrifying visions may have only hinted at the insidious threat triggered with the Japan megaquake.


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12 Responses to “Pre-Sensing the Tragedy in Japan”

  1. Hi Stace…I can’t imagine the fear you must have felt with that feeling of dread. I haven’t had any visions or precognitive feelings, however I have a gut instinct that this isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination and that the next stop on the ring of fire for a cataclysmic quake is the western coast of the US. Will this stir up Yellowstone? I don’t know…strange times we’re living in.

  2. Stace says:

    I’ve been monitoring quake activity closely. With the Japanese quake having had such a dramatic impact on the planet, many fault zones have been nudged awake by that alone. You asked about Yellowstone – well, since the big one, the area around Yellowstone has registered two quakes above mag-4. Of course, in addition to the instability caused by the Japan quakes, I believe the active Sun will continue to play a role in inciting seismic and volcanic activity. Based on trends in the past couple of months, I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon see a major quake in Puerto Rico, another in the South Pacific region, and a quake off the coast of the Pacific Northwest large enough to cause a tsunami along the Washington coast.

    What I’m about to say now is a “wild guess” of sorts, relatively speaking, and I hope with all my heart that I’m wrong. But I’ve got an eerie sense that the West Coast (including L.A.) is going to be hit by a history-making earthquake on the 27th of July – just three months from now. Like I said, I hope I’m wrong…

  3. Ok, July 27, I’ll mark it on my calendar. There have been 3 megaquakes around the ring of fire in a short span of time and the only place left untouched is the san andreas fault where the ring of fire runs inland in California. So it sounds like they are due for a big one…If you have a hunch, I’m inclined have some faith in that because you are pretty sensitive to these things. I think if there is gonna be a trigger to Yellowstone, it will be a mega quake on that fault line in California. I hope we’re all wrong though because that would mean devastation for millions.

  4. Stace,

    I noted a curious lack of any new postings on your blog in the weeks after the horifying events in Japan.

    Why do you point to the dates of July 27th concerning the West Coast?

    I ask because I have ANOTHER blogging friend that is nervously predicting dates that “might” imply an earth quake.

    I am VERY curious.

    Here is the page for my other friend’s site:

    Follow any links where she notes her earlier postings. Very unsettling stuff.

    Mike C

  5. Stace says:

    I don’t know how that date came to me, but it was spontaneous and quick. A Rorschach test of sorts. Stace

    [Additional text added 6 May 2011]

    To more fully answer your question, Mike:

    “California, July 27th” came to me spontaneously, like a random, fleeting thought. Yet it also had memorable heft. I heard the date clearly. I saw Southern California: maps, memories, satellite views. I don’t recall getting a clear visual sense of devastation, but an earthquake association impressed me nonetheless.

    In addition to July 27th, now I seem to be perceiving a more imminent event. Something big – an earthquake or volcanic eruption, perhaps – appears to be rippling back from some near point in time, like the next week or two.

    My apparent reaction ahead of the Japan quake may have been a fluke. Since that time I’ve been occasionally getting similar hunches or instincts, so I’ve reported the more significant recent ones. Whatever their source, I do hope that these thoughts ultimately prove to be NOT predictive.

  6. Hi Stacey – I owe you an apology. Found your email from a few months ago buried in between a load of spam. Sorry i didn’t respond to you, I must not have seen it until today when I started cleaning up months of crap.

    I was wondering how much you would pick up on this year and am not surprised that you sensed the Japanese events and suspect you have probably sensed others. I have had similar experiences the last few years and seen several disasters (including the Japanese ones) in early January and then shown others with my encounters on Jan 19th. I’m not a fan of giving actual dates but the sense of have is that late July/August and October will be critical months in terms of Earthquakes, Vulcanism, Tsunami and major storms. Likely a result of radically changing solar activity. I’ll be grateful to be wrong but it’s curious to me that your hinting at a similar time.

    As far as I can ‘see’ the ring of fire is just warming up but it won’t be the only place of significant activity.

    Have you been shown events through your encounters as well ?

    Best of luck Stace with 2011. I wish you luck in preparing for what I am sure we will both wish is not coming. Be nice to be wrong. I’m also with you on Yellowstone. I think so few people in the US have any idea of the earthquake/volcano risk/CME’s wiping out the grid risk. Now is such a vulnerable time, especially with such volatile politics federally and between the states.

    Gotta go – a little son to tuck in to bed.

    Have a great day,


  7. Hi Stace, I wanted to pass along a link. There was a huge eruption on the sun yesterday and there has been very little talk about it so I thought I’d post the link here for you to see. Interesting because the current sunspots posed little threat for solar flares or cme’s. Also, I’ve been having trouble getting on spaceweather dot com and I’m wondering if the two are connected or perhaps the server is down or overloaded. It’s usually a pretty reliable site so I’m kinda surprised that this is the second day in a row that I haven’t been able to get on. So there ya go, a little something to start your day with. Spaceweather will probably be back up before you read this. So here’s the link I was talking about.

  8. I knew it, Spaceweather is back up already…but I imagine it’s getting a lot of traffic because of the video which is also posted there

  9. Hi Stace…just wondering if you are getting a feel for anything? I’m not overly dramatic by any means but several things I’ve read recently have me on edge. For one, there was the announcement last year about the doomsday vault to store seeds. Then there have been reports of the military building underground shelters and the government buying up food stores. Now they are passing a law making it illegal to buy and trade gold. NASA has put out a video message from the NASA administrator that all NASA personnel should be responsible in preparing for any kind of unknown disaster whether it be natural or manmade. Then there has been the recent change in policy where all new found asteroids and information is classified. You put all those things together and it makes you wonder. Do they know something that they aren’t sharing? I don’t know about you but it makes me kind of nervous

  10. Stace says:

    Steve, I haven’t heard anything about policy changes regarding gold or asteroids to which you refer. While “anything’s possible,” I’d be wary of any sources claiming such radical developments.

    The seed preservation vault in Norway only recently made “news,” but the project was undertaken in earnest in the 1980s, if not earlier. I think the staggering implications of a rapid decline in biodiversity are being countered through the preservation of some plant species that are in jeopardy of extinction. General dangers to biodiversity – including those related to the population explosion and its accompanying ravaging effects on the planet – are reason enough to preserve seeds. I’m not picking up on anything beyond that rationale, although I believe the near-inevitability of natural and man-made disasters has prompted the emerging global interest in biodiversity. Interestingly, a focus on biodiversity developed suddenly and almost inexplicably among self-identified “alien abductees,” or experiencers, decades ago.

  11. Yeah, I misspoke on the gold and silver thing and misinterpreted some information that I saw. Here’s the link that I didn’t read carefully.

    I screwed up the information about the asteroids too…actually the military has classified all information from its satellites that track small explosions in the atmosphere. These satellites are supposed to monitor for nuclear explosions and would share any information with NASA about airbursts from meteorites. They no longer share this information. However this NASA video from Charles Bolden was odd but I can no longer put two and two together. Here’s the NASA video.

    I apologize, I was having a bad day apparently. I’m usually more thorough with my research. I was very interested in your comments about bio-diversity however. I hadn’t heard about the link to abductees.

  12. Sarah says:

    Stace – Thank you for sharing your story. I had a similar experience a several days before Katrina. While watching a weather report forecasting the hurricane to come ashore along the panhandle of Florida, I “saw” it hitting New Orleans. I had a vision of the storm shifting west, coming ashore at the mouth of the Mississippi River, floodwater, people drowning and people stranded on their roofs. It passed in a few seconds and left me with a feeling of extreme anxiety that I carried around for a week. It is very difficult to process much less explain to others. I hope writing about it has helped.

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