What Sparked Today’s Surprise Solar Storm?

Today’s solar storm apparently arrived out of the blue, accompanied by Arkansas’ most powerful earthquake since 1969 and a number of other notable temblors around the US, including a mag-4.5 just 75 miles north of San Francisco.

Hours later I’ve not found a single reference to the cause of today’s unexpected stormy space weather.  Apparently the talking heads are being tight-lipped – or they simply don’t know the source of the storm. Neither scenario is preferable.

Take a look at the depiction of the rather angry-looking auroral oval posted on spaceweather.com’s website this morning:

The source of the storm remains an enigma.  Other than a powerful M-class solar flare that erupted just a few days ago and which was downplayed in possible misinterpretation at the time (“…Earth was little affected. Plasma clouds produced by the blast did not come our way…”), clues about the source of today’s surprise, big geomagnetic disturbance and the accompanying remarkable quake activity haven’t surfaced.

While I’m busily working on upcoming articles about remote viewing and synchronistic crop circle alignments, I welcome your thoughts about the source of today’s mysterious solar storm.


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7 Responses to “What Sparked Today’s Surprise Solar Storm?”

  1. I heard the news about the earthquake and I immediately thought about whether or not there had been any activity on the sun. I didn’t notice the graphic associated with this post…eg. (I must be getting old). However, they’ve been blaming this earthquake swarm in Arkansas on hydrofracking for natural gas. Well depends on who you listen to…Many are placing the blame there. I just don’t think you can place all the blame there. Maybe this is something that was caused by the solar flare and triggered the weaknesses in the faults that have been irritated by the hydrofracking? I don’t know but I think we do too much screwing around with the earth in the name of energy exploration. One big solar flare and none of it will matter when our electrical grids get fried. In the next 2 years, be on the look out for rolling black outs over large areas. Not necessarily caused by large solar flares, although they certainly have that capability. But because of solar flares, I think you will see grids getting shut down primarily to avoid them being affected by the solar flares. They might tell us, they might not. I think they probably won’t because it will admit to the public that our grid is not safe and they would rather avoid panic than tell the truth.

  2. Stace says:

    Steve, I’ve been curious if you’ve seen any auroras from your vantage point in the New England area. I think I may have caught a fleeting glimpse of a faint aurora when I was in New York in late summer of 2000. A friend and I were driving on the highway and passed a sign for Pine Bush, so of course we had to take a detour and look for UFOs. We stopped on a dark side road outside of the town where it was very dark with lots of stars visible. For just a second I saw a shimmery curtain of light in one portion of the sky, but it was so quick I couldn’t be sure what it was. Just after that we heard a kind of snorting sound, like a really big moose or elk (though I don’t know if NY has any large animals like that) coming up the road toward us, but the sound appeared to come from about 20 feet UP! Needless to say we were jolted from our relaxed skywatching experience, hightailed it into the car and sped away without waiting to see what was approaching. I’ve always associated the wavy light with the unseen creature.

  3. Thats a cool story and I have seen occasional auroras over the years. I remember when the earth was in the path of that x class solar flare, I was blessed with a clear night and directly overhead, you could see the auroras forming. It was pretty spectacular. I remember one night in the middle of winter in the early 90’s, my wife and I were driving down a dark deserted road and the sky was ablaze with greens, reds and blues from an aurora. We stopped and watched it for nearly an hour and I’ll always remember how spectacular it was. As far as the large animals are concerned…I’m sure there are moose near Pine Bush…isn’t that near the Catskills and the Hudson Valley? Probably black bears too. Any snort you might have heard probably came from a deer or a moose however I don’t know any that fly. So why it would come from up in the air is beyond me however there have been strange sightings of unknown creatures in that area. I find it particularly interesting that the story of Rip Van Winkle occurs in the Catskill Mountains.

  4. Attila says:

    I have only just started looking into the connection between solar activity and earthquakes since we, here in New Zealand, were struck by the two large earthquakes that devastated Christchurch. The first on 4 Sept 10 and the second on 22 Mar 11. I am now reeling from the news of the Japan quake. Can anyone tell me, or advise the best/easiest place for me, a layman, to look into the facts and correlations between these three quakes? Basically I am trying to learn as much as I can as I spend 10 hours of each day perched in a high rise building sitting smack bang on the top of a major fault 🙂

  5. Stace says:

    I’ve posted a number of articles here at IIC about what I believe to be a significant correlation between solar activity and earthquakes. The Fragile Earth category on my home page will give you a list, if you’d like to take a look at all of them. You’ll find a lot of resources.

    Although there’s no way to know for sure how the upcoming solar maximum may affect Earth, I hope that by making known these connections I’ve noticed, humanity will increasingly take the Sun’s influence into account as we move into the future. Taking preventive measures when constructing new office buildings and homes, for instance, may save many lives.

    I believe improving mining safety must be a priority as well. Effective gas venting is critical with the increase in solar activity. A mine explosion in China a week ago can be linked to the X-class solar flare of March 9th and a remarkably-fast coronal mass ejection which arrived on the 10th, as well as the days-long earthquake swarm that culminated in Japan’s strongest recorded earthquake on the 11th. Here are a few more details about that sequence of events:

    Early on March 11th, 2011 – a few hours after the CME impact on the magnetosphere and just hours before the massive Japanese quake – gas ignited in a Chinese coal mine, killing 19 workers. The mine explosion was not far from the epicentre of a significant Chinese quake that struck only hours before, which indicates that methane levels may have been higher than normal in the mine.

    What can we do? While possible devastating events like more deadly earthquakes, nuclear disasters, or asteroid impacts could wipe out a great deal of life on Earth, let’s remember that every moment is precious. Let’s acknowledge that we can control only certain things and improve those things we can. Let’s stay informed, do what we can to protect the planet, and live life to the fullest.

    Please watch here at IIC for a new article in the next day or two detailing my “precognitive reaction” to the latest activity in Japan. In the meantime, best wishes to you, and thanks for reading.

  6. Bob says:

    Hi Stace,

    This isn’t really a comment on this particular article, but I couldn’t find any other way to contact you. I found you through the comments on this page about recurring plane crash dreams: http://blog.piperenterprises.com/?p=30 from your comment posted at January 24th, 2011 at 4:07 pm.

    I’m trying to interpret a dream I had this morning about planes crashing, but it also involved a UFO element as well. I posted the details of my dream here: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread692370/pg1

    Any insight you have in helping me to interpret this dream would be very much appreciated. 🙂

  7. You must be awful busy Stace. I check your page just about every day and I anxiously await what new topic you might bring up. Hope all is well and I look forward to reading more from you soon!

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