Possible DMT Release Observed at End of Life

Chloe, in the week before her death

Chloe, in the week before her death

In Endogenous DMT Release in Near-NDEs? I described our elderly cat Chloe, who last year seemed to be experiencing possible “mini-trips” that I suspected may have been occurring during near-NDEs.  She was at the beginning of a significant downturn then, having been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and kidney disease.  Chloe was allergic to the thyroid medicine and too frail to undergo surgery.  As she deteriorated, she may have been producing associated chemical compounds – possibly including DMT.

This past year she grew weaker and weaker, and lost more weight.  At 17-1/2 years old, Chloe was down to 4 pounds just a few weeks ago, and due to sudden difficulties walking, finally in late November we made arrangements to have her euthanised.  However, on the day before her scheduled last visit to the vet, Chloe was suddenly walking better and had a bit more spring in her step.  We cancelled the appointment, which was for Friday morning, the 3rd of December.  Although we’d been through a series of tough questions while pondering choices, we saw improvement and just couldn’t feel completely certain it was time to go through with the euthanasia.  Even so, Chloe wasn’t well.  We decided to wait and see what the next week held.

But Chloe’s day had come.  That same evening, we heard a very odd, guttural sound coming from the other room.  Upon checking to see what was going on, we were horrified to see our yellow tabby standing in the doorway, over Chloe’s stretched out body on the floor.  Chloe was dying.  Her eyes were open but unresponsive; her pupils were so huge that no iris could be seen at all.  Her body appeared to be paralysed, except for her face: without moving much, she was making slight coughing noises every few seconds, and the muscles in her face were all quivering and spasming.  All I could do was to pet her gently and to say, “It’s okay, Chloe…Oh Chloe….” through my tears.  My heart was broken.  Chloe was rigid even as her facial muscles continued to quiver; the movement of her fur reminded me of wheatfields blowing in the wind.

Then she suddenly stopped moving and it was all over.  I was stunned and anguished beyond words.  Neither my partner nor I had ever witnessed the death of a loved one, whether person or companion animal, and the ordeal thoroughly shook us up.  We let our other cat examine Chloe briefly – they’d been companions for over 13 years since Tiger was born – then wrapped her body in a fleece blanket in preparation to deliver it to the pet crematorium the following morning.

Only five days earlier, on Sunday the 28th of November, while doing the NY Times crossword, I’d been halfway listening to an interview with Dr Martin Ball, an entheogenicist.  Most of what he was saying I was already familiar with, but one thing stood out:  Ball mentioned that while on DMT, his facial muscles would quiver.  Why I held on to that bit of information, and that bit only, is beyond me; perhaps it was so that I could perhaps understand a little more about what Chloe would be going through when she made her transition.  I still wonder, but cannot know: was her facial quivering accompanying a DMT rush at her death?   As Rick Strassman and others have speculated, I also wonder… could DMT somehow ease the transition – in some way open the door for the spirit?

It’s been two and a half weeks since Chloe passed on.  We miss her, but I think Tiger misses her the most; he’s been a bit lethargic, yet more talkative than usual, and seems to be remembering Chloe.  Most notably, the morning after Chloe’s death, Tiger was sitting near me at almost the exact spot where Chloe had taken her last breath, and he looked up at the ceiling intently for about ten seconds – much like I’d seen Chloe do in the months prior to her death.  In the absence of a spider or wasp, I’d never seen him do that.  I can only guess, but it seemed to me that he was looking at something that I couldn’t see – perhaps the spirit of Chloe – or what remained, say, floating DMT molecules (a stretch, but possible) – hadn’t entirely left the room yet, and he was sensing a disembodied presence in a way only cats can.


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7 Responses to “Possible DMT Release Observed at End of Life”

  1. Laura Neville says:

    Stace- I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Chloe- and how difficult it must be for everyone in the household. Especially her feline friend, Tiger.

    During the time of her transition- I hope that her brain was flooded with ‘spirit molecule’ and that she was able to cross over in a way that was the least shocking for her.

    And one day, when you least expect it- I hope that you or your partner have a glimpse of Chloe streaking through your house or glancing at you with a wise and peaceful look.

    wishing you all the best

  2. Hi Stace, sorry for your loss. I’ve been present at the moment of death for a few of my dogs and I have never noticed this. However, they had been euthanized and maybe that inhibits the muscle tremors and I had been upset which probably clouded my observation of small details. I did purchase DMT the Spirit Molecule based on your recommendation. The beginning is more about the clinical aspects of the trials so I haven’t gotten past that to the point of the discussions of the personal experiences yet. The holidays have put a damper on my reading time unfortunately. Again, I’m sorry for your loss and hope that 2011 brings much cheer and good fortune. Hugs

  3. Stace says:

    Thanks for your notes, Laura and Steve. We sure miss Chloe but we hope she’s in a better place now, pain-free and running wild outside – which she always wanted to do but was seldom allowed.

    I did receive a note from Martin Ball, and he pointed out the following, which I find both intriguing and somehow comforting: “Twitching and vibrating muscles tend to accompany DMT/ayahuasca/psilocybin experiences when the subject is passing through moments of energetic openings, reorganizations, and clearing out blocked energy. Is it possible that this is what your cat was going through? Sure – but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it as it’s speculative.”

    The use of technologies like functional MRI (fMRI), combined with strategically timed blood tests (because endogenous DMT is fairly transient) may eventually tell us whether or not humans are flooded with DMT of their own making at times like death. Last I knew, Rick Strassman was interested in developing reliable ways to determine, scientifically, whether or not this is the case. I believe he’s making some headway through the Cottonwood Research Foundation. If we can show that humans experience DMT releases at times like death, the next step may be to extend that finding to non-human, sentient beings – which would bring with it all kinds of interesting implications.

  4. James says:


    Sorry to hear about Chloe. I guess it struck a chord… we have 4 cats. But our Araina looks so much like Chloe… our cats are still relatively young. But they have become so much a part of our family that losing any of them would be hard. And watching her…

    I didnt realize until I looked back at the dates… this was a couple of months ago now. Still I know it was hard and I am sure you often think of her. Let this be a reminder of her and her ways.


  5. Stace says:

    You wrote at just the right time, James. For the past couple of days Chloe’s been on my mind a lot. All I can say now is that being with Chloe in her last moments was overwhelmingly difficult, but powerfully reassuring as well. My perception is that she was not only transitioning from this life but truly transforming into another form of existence.

  6. Evey Oliver says:

    I adopted a beautiful kitten when she was 3 weeks old 7 months ago. She was my world. I remember the day I got her I rushed to the pet store to get kitten formula. I was so excited to be able to feed her. Months went by and my love for her was the strongest it had been with anyone. She would follow me around the house, jump on my lap when I sat down, sleep in my arms at night and, would come to me as soon as I called out “Mamma”. That was her name, she loved it. More months went by when I got a call from my mother-in-law telling me a story about her clients cat Tasha passing away. I felt bad she was disabled, spent her life ih her house alone on her wheelchair. So I adopted Mamma to her. I knew I made a mistake the second I said that she could have her, But I felt that it was the right thing to do. 2 days late i sat on my couch holding her and crying because I knew My mother-In-Law was on her way to get her. I missed her even before she left. I cryed nearly a month and asked for her back everyday. I prayed every night appologizing to God, telling him I would do anything to have my Mamma back. He eventually answered my prayers. I remember getting a call from Nani (my mother-in-law) telling me that Mamma stopped eating. I immediatly sceamed “I WANT HER BACK!” I got her back 6 days after her not eating.I spoke to nanis clients vet and I was told that she had called her telling her she ran Mamma over with her Wheelchair. Mamma was always small, even being 7 months old. The vet said she could not do anything because she owed her over a thousand dolors. I was so upset that she didnt tell Nani that she did this. I called everywere to get some help. She was soo weak, didnt eat lost almost all of her weight and was in pain. I brought her to the ER had tests ran x-rays taken. The only thing they could tell me was that she had an infection. She was prescribed an Appitite Stimulant, Pain Medication (her lower ribs were in pain from the wheelchair) and an antibiotic. Three days later I didnt see her getting better. She was eating, but she was weaker than ever. I called the er and they gave me a different kind of pain med. That night even with the pain medication she was meowing loudly. I watched her take her last breath. The pain that I saw in her eyes. I was overwhelemed with emotion. I cryed all night. I kept calling her name thinking that she was going to run to me and lay in bed with me. This was her home, were she belonged all along. It has only been 10 Hours since she passed away in my bed. It still hasnt sunk in.

    R.I.P Mamma. You are in my heart and my thoughts for eternity. I miss you and I love you August 28, 2010-March 28,2010

  7. Stace says:

    Evey, I’m sorry for your loss and your pain. I think if you feel it and work through it and let the tears fall, then gradually your pain will subside. In the meantime, remember that what we believe colours our view of reality, so I hope you’re kind to yourself. If you were drawn to read my article and it makes sense to you, then I hope you’ll choose to know that Mamma’s passing was accompanied at the last seconds by beauty and comfort. Imagine your love and affection for her spreading like ripples of love and affection through the cosmos – and let it come back and comfort you.

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