The Five Minute Deja Vu

Electric impulses in thoughts, manifested in dreams and deja vus.

Just about everyone has experienced the odd, fleeting sensation of deja vu, often described as the sense of reliving something previously dreamed.   Ironically, while that definition implies precognition, many who stand by that explanation are also staunchly opposed to psychic phenomena in general.   When deja vu is married with another mysterious, yet scientifically real, autonomous activity – dreaming – it lends itself to an acceptable explanation.

A quick internet search reveals that most instances of deja vu are reported to last only a few seconds.  My experience confirms this observation.  Wikipedia summarises several theories about the sources of deja vu, but fails to adequately address its most uncanny aspect:  that it produces more than a sense of “having been here before.”  A dramatic deja vu’s impeccable predictability is stunning, if transient.

It’s not a sense of having known what’s going to happen after the fact or even as it’s happening, but rather having a significant and notable awareness of precisely what is going to happen just before it happens, in a cascading fashion.

A few weeks ago I experienced the strangest deja vu.   At the onset, time fell away and seemed to cease altogether.  I estimate that for about five minutes I was simultaneously immersed in the past, present, and future.  Now I can’t begin to entertain the notion that I’d dreamed this situation before; my dreams are realistic, yes, but in a way that isn’t duplicated by “real life.”  There I was, sitting on the sofa, listening to another’s recollections unfold entirely as I anticipated (so to speak; it’s difficult to describe something outside of time sans a time reference), in what would become the longest deja vu I’d experienced.

The other person involved in my five minute deja vu nearly always resorts to science’s euphemised heavy hand, aka Occam’s razor, to explain most phenomena residing outside the canonic worldview.  Yet for him, deja vu is the experience of something he predictively dreamed long ago.  In this way deja vu is a future reflection of a past dreamstate, exploiting the universality of dreams.


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12 Responses to “The Five Minute Deja Vu”

  1. Hey Stace : Nice post – you and I seem to be having very similar experiences recently.

    I wonder if deja vu, as you hint at, involves the shifting of consciousness across multiple time frames/spaces – such that we are in several at once or quickly shift between time frames. Precognitive dreams might be similar, except that they come to us in sleep and with longer time shifts and less awareness.

    I had a dream 3 nights ago about encountering an alien entity in the mountains. Then yesterday went on a new walk and came upon the same location – complete with strange inexplicable sounds but no alien. And like you have lotsa deja vu and can predict what will happen but more often than not these days, as soon as I’m aware of it – things change and nothing happens – like awareness has cancelled it out – moved into a different time frame ?

    All this is curiouser and curiouser ? Happy deja vu’s !!!

  2. Where there any events that lead up to this experience? Any thoughts or quandaries that were on your mind?

    I ask because sometimes synchronicities seem to act as a response to a very real life quandary – or the act of questioning.

    And – is there any significance to your friend who resorts to “Occam’s razor” as a way to respond to odd experiences?

    Since I spoke with Gibbs Williams (an author who did a book on synchronicities) I have been looking at all odd events in that light. What proceeded the event, what changes happend because of it.

  3. Stace says:

    In response to Bright and Mike –

    Bright, I had an experience quite similar to the one you described, in which you had a dream and then, soon after, you came across the very location you’d dreamed of. Likewise, in my experience, this precognitive dream was related to something very important in my life. Here’s a brief description: I had a vivid dream one night of driving on a narrow lane, and passing a very small building (smaller than a shed, let’s say) to my left that was on some land where the primary vegetation was short but dense, scrub brush type bushes. When I awoke I remembered the vividness of the dream as it was unlike most dreams; and most curious was the symbol on the building, which I didn’t recognise or remember well enough to draw upon waking, but which I gathered to be some representative of kind of mysterious language. Some time later I was driving up a small road that leads to the Crestone campground just outside of Crestone, Colorado, a precious and sacred town in the San Luis Valley where I have very nearly made my residence several times over the past 12 years or so. This was early in my visits to Crestone, and it was the first time I was driving toward the campground, and thus it was the first time I’d been on that road. About halfway from town to the campground I saw a small entrance to the land to my west, which was covered by squat bushes and – as you might guess – there was the tiny building from my dream, complete with the symbol! It was a tiny storage shed, only about 4 feet tall. I was amazed, especially after realising that was I was viewing was the symbol for OM! I will leave you to research it if you are unfamiliar…but what a powerful message this sequence of events sent to me. It wasn’t a deja vu since, like you in your report, I had literally dreamed of this place and remembered the dream before I “relived” it in actual time, but on the other hand it resonates with the popular conception of deja vu as the remembrance of something that the experiencer assumes they’ve once dreamed. Your point about time shifts is applicable in either case, and is pertinent to Crestone, which is a portal of sorts. I’ve experienced apparent time shifts and interdimensional phenomena there over the years. The land is sacred there.

    Mike, I haven’t been able to recall exactly what was communicated during the experience of the five minute deja vu. While it wasn’t technically a synchronicity, by my definition anyway, it had a very similar “psychic” connection – and was extended far beyond a typical deja vu, and was totally unique to my experience. But I do see that there was a “quandary” of sorts involved, relating to the opposite ends of the spectrum on which the two of us reside (insofar as he would resort to Occam’s razor in nearly every instance in which I wouln’t have any inclination to accept the “simplest explanation,” as defined by science anyway). As my friend spoke to me and I realised that a deja vu was beginning, I did not interrupt him but instead found myself “spinning” myself back into the deja vu as he continued to speak, completely unaware of the amazing state in which I found myself. What I mean by that is that I had to consciously keep myself in the state of deja vu by remaining as calm as possible, using a method similar to how one can “spin” back into a lucid dream after one realises they are dreaming – which can, by virtue of astonishment, whisk the dreamer back to the waking state. (Again, if unfamiliar with the term, please search “dream spinning” and you will learn what it means and perhaps be able to utilise it in lucid dream states as well as, conceptually anyway, in deja vus.) I was amazed to the point that I cannot now remember exactly what happened during the deja vu except that I remained as calm and discreet about it as possible, in order to maintain the state. While I very much love and adore the man who was the center of my visual attention during the extended deja vu, I’m sorry to say I haven’t found opportunity to present what I experienced to him verbally, for reasons I won’t go into here. At some point I may tell him more about it, or he may read about my experience here…but I don’t feel that sharing the details is important to our relationship or to his spiritual mindset at this point in time.

    Thank you both for adding to the discussion, and for prompting me to expand on my initial report!

  4. Hey Stace : It’s always a pleasure to read your responses. Your always so articulate and open minded. Seeing the symbol Om is interesting – given that Om is like from silence to silence across a broad range of sound frequencies. I have used it a lot in specific mantras, as the seed and anchor. It creates a strong resonance throughout the body. Maybe Om is the symbol of a journey you need to take ???

    I’m curious about 2 things. Given your experiences in regard to sacred sites and portals, have you had any deja vu’s/precog dreams in regard to the transition of the next few years or in regard to shamanic experiences (such as the one’s you have mentioned before ? I’ve had many shamanic themed dreams that seem to foretell transitions that are ahead of me – as if the symbolic dream world is enmeshed with the real world of the future.

    Hope you are well and enjoying life !!!
    PS> Any luck with your UFO camp out ?

    Adios, Bright.

  5. Just one observation….the experience you describe as past, present and future coming together as one reminds of what some have experienced while experimenting with DMT. Although I have not read DMT, The Spirit Molecue (is that the right title?), I have read some interesting reports from people who have had vivid experiences which seem to take place outside of time and space, which makes me wonder if you weren’t in some kind of trance when this took place, thus your ability to remain calm and allow the experience to unfold.

  6. James says:

    I havent checked into your site in awhile… I have to admit I dont think too much of deja vu. Though I have experienced it, I find myself, probably not unlike your friend, ready and willing to apply the razor.

    On the other hand I see that effort as symbolic of the dismissive, overly analytical, even culture-bound, process of avoiding the truth of experiences like this.

    Indeed our understanding is often baffled, really to some extent it seems to me always baffled, by these experiences. Are they pointing to a multi-dimensional reality, where our existence takes place on several ‘planes’ simultaneously, or is the explanation more prosaic, simply reminding us of a dream experience we cant quite recapture, or does the situation have something to tell us, something for us to extract, so our attention has been focused in this way, by an intelligence beyond that surface thing we usually take for our intelligence, an effort to communicate on its own.

    I have no anwers. I still remember one such experience I had, that took place when I was still young, and it had such force it has stuck with me, but like you say, it was a brief experience. And I seem to have extracted nothing from it but the bare experience itself. Definitely a strange feeling, that this has happened before, somehow, it doesnt seem to quite make sense, but there is that sense as if you know what is happening, what will happen. And then, almost as swiftly as blowing out a candle flame, its gone.

  7. rhonda says:

    please someone help. i have de ja vu every five minutes for days at a time. EVERY 5 minutes. i timed it. its exactly 5 minutes. every waking moment. i think that i am going crazy. i will have one as i write this. please help

  8. Stace says:

    Rhonda, I wonder if you are at a special time in your life that attracts deja vu. Like synchronicity, deja vu seems to crop up for me when I’m going through big changes or experiencing lots of learning and epiphanies. The most profound synchronicities and other extraordinary things happened when I was right around age 29 – about the time of my Saturn return, which tends to be a key time of personal reassessment and growth, etc. For the past couple of months I’ve been immersed in a big life change, and I’m also experiencing more deja vus. Let me know if you find out what your deja vus mean in your life.

  9. The results of my 50 years investigation as to the nature and use of meaningful coincidences (synchronicities) concludes that they are “messages” generated by one’s idiosyncratic creative process. They begin with a person being “stuck” with a seemingly unsolvable problem. An attitude of struggle with struggle stimulates ones creative process. This process is like initiating a multi layered psychological scavenger hunt in which a person looks for relevant “clues” taking the form of pieces of a jig saw puzzle. When enough pieces (clues) are discovered a fitted together they eventually form a meaningful pattern. The fully recognized pattern is experienced as a synchronicity which when decoded like a waking dream is revealed as the creative solution to the original problem.

  10. Arius says:

    as i am typing this i am remembering me typing this and i am am also having a headache with it, anways it all started like this at 8:00 pm i decided to go to be but then i kept waking up and going back to sleep then i finally woke up around 12:24 and from as far as i i know i have been having the longest deja vu ever. i’m 14 years old i suffer from frequent migrains and i don’t usually sleep very long. please get back to me if you know what is going on my e-mail is

  11. Rachit Malhotra says:

    I don’t know if this sounds too fake, but lately I’ve been having lots of on screen deja vus. I mean I have normal deja vus alright with nothing weird or scary. But these recent experiences while watching movies and TV and advertisements is just a little too hard to swallow for me.
    I watch very few movies firstly. But in the last 7-8 movies I have seen, I can say for sure that I knew I had seen that scene in a movie before- the exactly same event, same actors, same dialogues. I wasn’t taking this too seriously up till yesterday when I watched a completely new movie at the theatre and still I felt I had seen it before. &this has been happening with ads as well., like I saw these lame ads when I was streaming some football match. And Each one of the ads I knew I had seen. Though that’s not possible because those brands don’t even exist in my country and it’s rarely that I stream matches.
    When I tried searching online, I only got results of the movie Deja vu.(I think I should see that movie next to fuck me up completely)

  12. Stace says:

    Rachit, I am stunned. First, thank you for coming to my site and for taking the time to share what you’ve been experiencing. Receiving your report is a great confirmation for me, because I recently experienced exactly the same type of very odd, media deja vu that you are going through now. Both television and movies were involved with mine as well and involved scenes which beyond a doubt I’d never seen before. As with most deja vus, the content of the scenes isn’t so important, but the pronounced focus on TV/movie contexts mystifies me, as does the fact that these media deja vus feel somehow different than a “regular” one. Mine happened in a cluster over a period of several months, then tapered off.

    What could be prompting these? Could media deja vu be happening to others as well?

    I also must report a nice synchronicity involving your name that just occurred. Not 15 minutes before I logged in and saw your comment awaiting approval I was, for no particular reason, pondering the name of nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I was wondering if Ken Kesey got what is, you must admit, the perfect name by combining “wretched” and “ratchet,” both of which seem to reflect the nurse’s personality. This is of course not to compare you with nurse Ratched. It simply confirms again the playful and communicative nature of an Other Intelligence that wishes to engage us through clever, interactive, extraordinary experience.

    Check out this article on (click) synchronicity. And please share more about your media deja vus if they continue. Again, thank you. Stace

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