Sentient Waveguides: Perceiving the Cosmic Hologram

Why are certain individuals prone to see UFOs, while others are not?

People from all around the world, from all walks of life, of all colours and creeds and sexual orientations and education levels, and from all recorded ages in history, have reported UFOs.  Why do some have one vivid UFO sighting, while others experience repeated encounters, sometimes even meeting with, presumably, extraterrestrial or interdimensional occupants over long periods of time?

I’ve seen dozens of UFOs, many of which I can be certain do not match any conventional explanation.  A few friends have had their first-ever dramatic sightings of UFOs in my presence.  And I’ve encountered, at any hour of the day, a number of sentient and communicative, yet astonishingly unconventional, entities.

Naturally, I wonder why?

A scenario worth considering is that the sensing of a UFO is closely linked to its spectrum, i.e., its signature, and the percipient’s ability to sense that specific vibration.  Just as some whistles are made so that a deer or a canine can hear and respond while humans don’t hear the waves, so too UFOs emit certain “para-frequencies” of colour or sound, for instance, to be recognised and analysed only by those tuned to perceive…

…with the brain as a waveguide.

If what we’ve just pondered is correct, another question factors in: What allows one to be capable of perceiving a frequency that others don’t?  Could the percipient be intentionally prepared, perhaps by the UFO occupants’ interference via a deliberate genetic manipulation or by simple evolution (I intuit that the function of non-coding DNA may apply here, in either case) to register frequencies that most of Earth’s human population does not?

(A cascade of ideas is now set in motion…)

On a related note, farm animals have been known to riot on the night before a crop circle is found.  Are the animals agitated by, or otherwise responding to, the frequency created by the circle maker(s), be they plasma, material, or something else?  And why do birds detour around some crop circles and not others?  I suspect some formations give off a signature that the birds avoid due to their reliance on electromagnetic fields for navigation…


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7 Responses to “Sentient Waveguides: Perceiving the Cosmic Hologram”

  1. Rick Nelson says:

    Good work. Your article should help some begin to perceive differently and break beyond previous intellectual limitations.

    Regarding your intuition about DNA manipulation being in some way related to a person’s ability to register frequencies considered to reside outside the norm of human perception, here’s another scenario to consider: apparent implants are often related to UFO and ET experiences, so could they somehow be linked to perception?

    Another thing that comes to mind is that through extended meditation and other spiritual practices it appears one can develop or refine their innate abilities to broaden their spectrum of awareness.

  2. Stace says:

    Definitely agree with you, Rick, about ways our perception may be fine-tuned to pick up out-of-the-norm frequencies. Dr Roger Leir’s website,, is a good source for cutting edge (no pun intended) insights into this possibility. I met Dr Leir at a conference a few years back, and found him to be quite credible, authoritative, and genuinely curious.

    Also, I neglected to bring up meditation in conjunction with enhancing our abilities to perceive interdimensionally. When I was a teenager and first practising Transcendental Meditation, I had an extremely vivid experience with something that came into my reality, in what appeared to be a 3-D way. Perhaps in an upcoming post I will gather the bravery needed to go into more detail about that frightening event! Since then I have honed my TM skills and haven’t experienced any other scary encounters. Another of my preferred methods, though, is Dr Francis Lefebure’s technique “Phosphenic Mixing,” which I wrote about in a prior post.

  3. You appear to have many gifts in the healing/energy projection area – perhaps mind-to-mind projection – not unusual, but usually ignored or scary. Geller projected ESP Zener cards, one at a time, into astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s mind over 20 yrs ago! This possibly reflects the same basic phenomena as healers projecting healing energy or easily teaching others to heal when in their presence.

    Now consider what might happen if you get a group of people together, all in the same “quantum resonant” mind condition. Remember the Washington DC event with meditation and reduction of crime many years ago? This is an example of mind-to-mind influence… however, we have a lot more of mind (s) -to-environment effects by people with gifts (Indigos, for example). You’ve mentioned in prior posts the phenomenon of street lights going on and off, malfunctioning watches and computers, synchronicity manifestations…

    Assuming UFOs are real and not a consciousness projection (of your mind or someone else’s nearby) then it is certainly worthwhile to consider that perception of the UFO is linked to its spectrum. Your reference to the brain as a waveguide also has possible tie-ins to quantum holography….see Edgar Mitchell’s video “The Quantum Hologram & ESP,” available at We know very little about our own mind. The recent advent of quantum phenomena related to consciousness seems to be the best explanation, so far, of ESP abilities…aspects of which seem to be present in other living systems besides humans, i.e., synchronized group actions and individual actions, as required, in the same life form, down to cellular level.

    I feel that most of us already have incredible abilities we do not know about, do not appreciate if we do know, and are scared to realize how (due to cultural brainwashing, lack of training or belief) we affect each other and the environment. I think about the middle ages and the quest to eliminate anyone (usually women) with unusual intuitive/psychic abilities. The development of these skills seems to take a lot of training…some are better than others, as in any life-talent we inherit. The Gaussian Distribution (bell-shaped) Curve is relevant here; most people fit somewhere in the middle and gradually have less potential intuitive/ESP talent as the curve progresses to the right…..those beyond the “2-Sigma Limit” on the right have very little talent and little belief/acceptance in the phenomena, whereas those of us born with lots of intuitive/ESP talent (which, tho’ sometimes chaotic and uncontrolled, cannot be suppressed) seem to be below the “2-Sigma Limit” on the left side of the curve.

    Also, please note that all inputs into our minds from our senses and our mental outputs into the environment (and other minds) have electromagnetic field patterns, frequencies, waveforms, intensities, phases, periodicities, etc. I know from personal experience that light and sound patterns can be fed into the mind from artificial and natural EMF sources….and touch, smell and taste, as well. Thus, it seems quite possible that we can mentally transmit EMF patterns to affect other minds, sensitive electronic devices, gravity (PK events), other living systems (plants, animals, cells, etc.)…..the evidence of this usually occurs when the transmitter/receiver person is in a strong emotional state (or the artificial or natural signal being received has strong personal survival information).

    Regarding the detouring of birds around crop circles, I see another connection here: animals can also pick up on earthquakes before they happen!

  4. This makes me wonder about something that happened to me yesterday. We were shopping at the Super Walmart and something made me think of someone we hadn’t seen in at least a year and I remarked to my wife. I wonder what Christine is doing these days. Not even 2 minutes later….She’s walking right toward us. I don’t know if it has to do with anything more than coincidence but it was strange. Like I had subconscious access to some kind of information. It was different to say the least. Remind me to tell you about my recent ghost story

  5. Stace says:

    Steve – good to hear from you!

    Sounds like a serendipitous meeting. I’m curious about your encounter; was there anything you can identify that precipitated you thinking about Christine? Might it have been you hearing her voice in the next aisle over without realising it? Or were you picking up on her nearby “energy signature” and processing it subconsciously, as a UFO experiencer may do when they “look up at just the right time?”

    Do tell about your ghost story when you get a chance…

  6. She came walking from the opposite end of the store and I saw her from about 75 feet away so I don’t think I saw her or heard her. It was like it just popped into my head from nowhere. If I had to guess, I’d say I picked up on her energy signature. I just don’t know how else to explain it. Imagine my surprise when I turn around and see her walking toward me. What’s your email, I’ll tell you about my ghost story

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