EMPATH EYES – A Correlation between Eyes and Empathy? ~ Part Two

If a correlation exists between eye dilation and empathy, of what significance might this be?  That question currently has no straightforward answer.  Several scenarios would have to be considered and examined.

Might empaths may be generating more endogenous DMT, or perhaps some other self-produced compound, with ongoing dilatational effect on the pupils?  Starseeds, healers, and other empaths filled with love and light would tend to have larger or somehow captivating pupils, and I’ve anecdotally noticed this trend.  We might realise that our pupils dilate when our world is richer – and that correspondingly, when we and our pupils are more open, the world becomes richer.  Empathy would seem to be an attractor for extramundane experience.

What would we do with that knowledge?

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