Altered States and Shamanic Initiation

What are commonly called vivid dreams may be the result of deep sleep’s pineal DMT rush.  But is the “spirit molecule” stimulated from within, or by an outside force?   In the utilisation of supranormal amounts of the mystical neurotransmitter DMT, dream visions often echo archetypal shamanic experiences during altered states of consciousness (ASCs).

Considering the overlap of myriad ASCs at certain times in my life, I associate the following vision with the extraterrestrial visitations in which I was consciously immersed during the early- to mid -1990s.  The strangest thing is that another ET experiencer and I had virtually the same ASC journey, suggesting that our identically-themed “dream” wasn’t mere coincidence, but rather that we experienced the same scenario.

Independently, in an altered state of consciousness, we were both taken in a small boat with a white-robed and bearded guide across moonlit, choppy water, arriving on the shore of some island where we were both presented with the challenge of climbing over a barrier of cluttered, rusty, appliance-themed detritus.

The details seem too specific and unusual to have arisen by chance – especially between two people who’d never met and had never spoken to one another or learned about the other’s experience before having their own.  Significantly, during shamanic trance, initiates often travel over water to a place where they encounter and overcome obstacles in order to reach the otherworld.  So our experiences echo a motif of shamanic initiation and uncover a connection between ET experiences and shamanism.

Another extraordinary ASC echoing shamanic initiation occurred during another “vivid dream” when I was a small girl, perhaps 7 or 8 years old.  While asleep or at least visiting another dimension, I had an extremely vivid vision of being inside an unimaginably huge, transparent, crystalline structure – a cathedral of sorts.   For awhile I was totally inconsolable, but gradually my altered state began to fade away with a rush of waking tears, leaving me with indelible images:  The towering quartz crystals!  The overwhelming sorrow!  Waking in my mother’s arms…!

The crossing of water to encounter and overcome obstacles shares significant details with the cathedral dreams, reflecting worldwide shamanic experiences as described by Eliade.  I associate these visions and others with my apparent interactions with non-human intelligence over the years – indeed spanning my life.

If an association between these visions and a mysterious Other Intelligence exists, have I accessed that dimension accidentally -perhaps through a naturally-occurring DMT spike?  Or has this experience come to me intentionally via exogenous DMT or even by somehow stimulating an endogenous DMT release to establish the interface?



Rick Strassman, DMT: The Spirit Molecule
Nevill Drury, The Shaman and the Magician: Journeys Between the Worlds
Mircea Eliade, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy

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  2. Stace,

    Who was the other person with the same “crossing the waters” dream? How did you find each other? When did you realize you both had the same dream?

    This is very interesting stuff. In a way, it seems like “they” have a consistent set of DVD’s that they have used since the dawn of man. They can pop them in some sort of cosmic player and we receive the signal via dreams (or even waking experiences). Maybe the DMT is nothing more than the “on” light on my DVD player. I would be curious to know the differences in the details as well as the similarities.

  3. Stace says:

    Good questions, Mike! I can’t say for sure exactly when the “dream” or shamanic intiation “visit” happened, but it was likely in the early to mid-1990s – around the same time I was experiencing a lot of memorable ET contacts, as well as psychic involvement with the circle makers. At the time I was informed by my experiences rather than by reading what others had reported, so when I found out about similarities between the things I’d encountered and those things reported by other ET experiencers, I was frankly flabbergasted. Here’s a general timeline:

    The question when I first learned about the other experiencer’s “dream” of crossing water with a guide and then having to overcome a virtual mountain of detritus was: How could she have the same dream as I, when it was so unique and had no clear meaning (at the time)? Incidentally I received copied material from my friend Ron Russell, who had lots of contacts in the field of the “paranormal,” and it was in a stack of this material that I read a “chapter” from this woman’s online diary. I can’t remember her name, and I never met her….but when I read her dream, I about fell over. It was similar to when I first read about women seeing “hybrid babies in jars” when all I could remember was seeing a little dark gray “being” submerged in water when I was a little girl of perhaps five years old…a sentient being who seemed to be communicating with me through its eyes, but all I could do was think, “how can it be in the water, and be breathing the water…how can it be alive?!?!” As a little girl I never had a clue what it was, but I asked my mother time and again over the years, “where were we when I saw that little being breathing in the jar of liquid?”

    So anyway, fast forward….I had this “dream” which was surreal in nature; it wasn’t a normal dream but it felt like a dream nonetheless, just a very vivid one, a guided one, a meaningful one, a “teaching dream.” I had done absolutely no reading on shamanism at the time, so when I read that another female experiencer had the same dream, I assumed it was related solely to our ET encounters, just like the “baby in a jar of liquid” theme. I never met her and I don’t have any clue if she has ever read anything I’ve posted – but I can virtually guarantee she’d be about as amazed as I that we shared this vision. And you know, you can’t really call “riding in a canoe over choppy water to encounter rusty appliances on the shore” an archetypal image…..

    Anyway, much later I started to read up on shamanism, and I found that many of my presumed ET encounters also echo shamanic initiatory rites. I didn’t ask for shamanic initiation, nor (that I know of) did I initially ask for ET contact…but maybe there is some overlap? I do have to wonder, how many people who’ve had what they consider “ET experiences” have considered that some of these experiences are so similar to what shamanic rites entail – or, for that matter, how many shamans have also had ET-type experiences that they interpreted based on their own “Weltanschauung,” which may or may not overtly include ET, but certainly includes shamanic guides in most cases? Is there a core difference and/or a core similarity between ETs and shamans? Who’s to say? Wonder what Vallee would have to say about that….or Eliade…..or Jung.

    When I did finally research shamanism, I found that many of my “vivid dreams” were shamanic in nature – in fact, perhaps MOST of them were shamanic. Death and rebirth, crystalline structures, journeys over water to overcome obstacles, comforting and healing the sick, guiding the lost or endangered – these are themes that relate to shamanic dreams, but there is, I must admit, some overlap with ET-themed “visions” or “dreams….”

    Not sure if that’s much help, but it’s about all I can say. As for more details about the differences and the similarities between the other woman’s “dream,” no differences that I could find in our accounts. The similarities abound: same identical odd theme, and we both consider ourselves ET experiencers, yet neither of us knows each other and experienced our “dreams” as though our own minds had uniquely produced them….but can we say for sure that’s so? Go figure.

  4. Mark says:

    The Shamanistic traditions would ever be weighed with due process culturally, legally, and academically ? Shamanistic traditions are suspect as foreign oddities to begin with, but the added fact that they make regular use of psychedelic drugs makes them especially anathema. But then, shamans do not use the word “drug” nor are they encapsulated in a lifestyle of Western stigmas. They do not use “drugs” at all in our sense. In fact, the closet rendering in English to what they are using is “entheogen” which roughly translated means “creating the god within” and they have been doing it for thousands of years without destroying society, without Western values, and with some remarkably positive social results. Irony would have it that eventually Western society would reconsider its positions on ancient traditions beyond which we have thought ourselves to have ” evolved.” Furthermore, that irony is carried into the realm of drugs precisely because these lesser ” backward ” societies have appeared to have found positive uses for psychedelics which our “advanced” society has not and which must serve as a bitter reminder of our failure to do what we do best: profit from nature. The purpose of this report, is to high light changing American trends in the realm of psychedelics. Shamanistic redemption as a form of entheogenic intervention ,also take a look at ayahuasca glimpse 2012 from Goithyja, a great piece of practical knowledge in this subject, helping people to partake with entheogenic substances in a more spiritual way…!

  5. Marko says:

    Hi, all. I want to explain my dream in the most precise manner and as vividly as I can possibly remenber it since the day it happened. I dreams that I was in a cave like place where there was not much light and around me i saw avatar like bodies standing tall very tall in fact. I was certain that this was a ceremonie much like an award. People’s name were being called and congratulated by all. As a welcome I was designasted by the voice on the stage high above us. As I looked to listen to the voice it was a tall being with Cobra like head. What can this dream mean? I wondered. Not long after that dream I remenber looking at an image of a snake person or rather a drawing of a guy holding a girl’s hand. He had a snake head instead of a human head. I remenber having a dream that I was becoming like that and I could see myself as so (in my sleep) I could also feel serpent fangs growing from my mouth. Since then I have this thing that happens to me when i say the word sepent I feel my neck move involutarily and my face also changes and I get this vertical line in between the eyebrows much like a frown but its all involuntary.

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