Synchronicity and the Brzee Mantra


Om Brzee Namaha…Om Brzee Namaha…

A few days ago I learned the Brzee mantra, one used to help manage financial issues and overcome scarcity.  The fellow from whom I learn the mantra writes, “Om Brzee Namaha.  Brzee Brzee Brzee!”

I like the sound of it, and at this point I’m willing to try just about anything to bring relief to my financial woes.  So between calls at work I’m closing my eyes, envisioning colourful organic mandalas and repeating my new mantra.  Like a lullaby, soon the words create an altered state, gradually feeling like an extension of myself.

The arrangement of sounds plays its destined role:  Om rolls off my tongue, unfolding like scrolls of promise all around me; my money awareness is magnified by the upward inflection of brzee; my whole being exhales namaha.

Suddenly a tone from my headset alerts me to a call, jarring me from my short reverie.  Amazingly, the name that pops up on my screen is “Brzuszkiewicz.”  Note the first three letters:  Brz – as in Brzee Brzee Brzee. I notice the three Zs in Brzuszkiewicz.  I’m fairly confident pronouncing odd names, so I ask for the prospect with a smile, “May I speak with Mrs. Bre-zes-keh-veetz?”

When synchronicity speaks, I listen.  The correspondence of Brzee and Brzuszkiewicz amplifies a realisation that financial recovery and balance will come through publishing my work in book form.  I know this because in the course of our conversation, Mrs. Brzuszkiewicz explains that she and her husband owned Hathshepsut Press, spelling it out letter by letter.

I recognise the word as Egyptian but don’t know what it means.  After the call I search the internet for Hathshepsut, but oddly find no mention of any similarly-named publishing house.  Instead I’m guided toward the more common spelling of Hatshepsut, and learn that she was an Egyptian pharaoh reigning in the 15th century BCE.

Hatshepsut was a powerful woman who didn’t just sit on ideas; she accomplished many great things.  What would Hatshepsut have said?  What would she have done?  Do it.  Just do it.  What are you waiting for?

I reach up and take hold of the 2009 Writer’s Market that’s been gathering dust on top of my hard drive and begin the process…


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8 Responses to “Synchronicity and the Brzee Mantra”

  1. cosmic cowboy says:

    Yes, I believe that synchronicities are spirit guiding your way. Let your fears go and follow the guidance toward your dream.

  2. Hey Stace – I’d follow that hunch. Sound and asking for the help of enlightened one’s can have a powerfull influence on the world around us.

    If I could put it nicely – write that damn book – for your sake and the sake of those who need to read it. You have much to offer others from your experiences with the universe. When you begin others will come forward to help you along the way. Here’s something I learned from Victor Hugo – every so many pages (the coice is yours), say something profound (some unique insight) that keeps the reader hooked.

    In terms of mantras look into their historical origin, the meaning of each syllable and the meaning of the overall mantra. Find something that means something to you. Lawrence LeShan developed the telphone book mantra – which I hav extended into all kinds of variations. Grab a telphone book – pick 3 words at random and take 2 syllables out of each. Repeat mantra until you feel what the mantra has to give you. These kind of mantras are about changinmg feeling. Buddhist/Hindu mantras are about single pointed concentration, creating a sound wave that shifts energetic properties of the body and calling upon spiritual beings who have vowed to help us.

    During my recovery from cancer I found 2 mantras partucarly usefull : The Mantra of the Medicine Buddha :
    & The Mantra of the Buddha of Compassion : Om Mani Pedme Hung (The Jewel is in the Lotus – All that you need is within you). But what is important is to understand teh intention and purpose of the mantra and it’s constituent parts. Don’t focus on the outcome, allow the mantra to do that for you. Focus on the feeling it creates in your being.

    My heart goes out to you right now. I’m in a similar (impoverished) state at the moment but I know that all things come to pass.

    I’m thinking of putting together a collection of experiencers stories in a year or two – let me know if you’d like to kick in a chapter. I’d be happy to read your manuscript when you are happy with it.

    Nike it girl ! Just do it.

    PS. Do you know Julia Cameron’s books The Artists Way etc…
    Every writer needs a copy.

  3. manoj sreeram says:

    Mantras which means mann ka trayam….means that which comes from the mind….tantra ..means tan ka trayam …that which comes form the body…..mantra and tantra creats yantra….or yantram…..that which comes from the mind when comes in to action through Tan or tantram yantram is born…..yantra can be in the mini nano, nano,micro or in the macro…..macro yantras are all that man has created….the telephone….computers, plane ,,,ship,, battle tanks etc etc…… that which is in the micro is being created now… the micro chips.etc…The symbols and shapes YANTRAS that is seen in the ancient vedic texts represent the forces of the cosmic “SHAKTHI” in the form of mini nano/micro and these have energies built in them which can be converted to macro using the thought forces or energies…….it is like a ZIP file where you can compress huge specific energies/forces and which you can use/convert into the macro as and when needed….what iam trying to say is the use of specific sound energies mantra is very scientific as these sounds can change the way of your thoughts and the thoughts can change your actions and the actions will contribute to how you live in this cosmic…..regds, sreeram manoj, India.


    we all know that the primary source of action is “thought”!!.From our MIND comes thoughts and these are what that rules us or creates us.also the world we live in!!!!….can we analyse thought by thinking??????it will be like measuring water with water.!!!!!!

    We all know that the world can be beautiful if we change our thought process!!!! but the problem is we dont have a clue of how to do it!!!!

    The mind is something like a musical instrument… it will vibrate based on the stimuli that it receives.. JUST like..if in a musical instrument the external stimuli is “POP” it will vibrate POP tunes if it is classical it will vibrate classical…

    The choice for us is to use the right stimuli to create the right vibrations in the mind….The FIVE stimuli (PANCHABHOOTHAM) that mind reacts are SOUND,SMELL,TOUCH,SIGHT and TASTE.
    OF the above ..smell,touch ,sight and taste we have to depend on outside sources… but.sound is something which we can create ourselves…..That is how MANTRA was born….From the right mantra TANTRA was born which uses the other stimuli i.e smell ,touch,sight and its right perspective to control the mind…

    BUT the one which is TOTAL and which is independent and which can constantly rule the mind in its correct perspective is AHAM or ATMAN or the life energy!!!

    The Search for MAN which created all relegions is to find this AHAM….in us..that is the concept of the VEDAS!!!!!!!once we are in tune with this life enrgy,the soul or the AHAM….we are no more dependent of the other stimuli to LIVE in BLISS and to let the world live in bliss!!!!!!! (additional comment at 10.29 PM)


    Science exists only if there is a reference point…The present basics of science is related to EARTH as the refence point….Time ,space are all based on our understandings which is again based on our sensory analysis based on this earths surface…..BUT the cosmic does not have a reference point…..As per the cosmic laws ZERO and Infinity are the same.

    The world for us exists because We the “SUBJECT ” is able to see and experience the so called world “THE OBJECT”… this context the OBJECT exists only as long as the SUBJECT is able to comprehend it….HENCE WE the SUBJECT is more important than the OBJECT….TO understand this WE or the I …we have to go inward towards ZERO and in understanding the ZERO the …I …. we can understand THE OBJECT …THE cosmos …the infinity….

    The process of Vedic science is to understand this AHAM this I…..

    This AHAM experiences the world throught the MIND which again experiences through the 5 stimuli….

    Hence the control of the mind in totality with reference to the cosmos makes us aware of the AHAM … the life energy ….and we come to realise that in this cosmos everything is co-existant…which then makes us realise that we are part of this whole drama ….just like the atoms are part of molecules which again is part of any object…..we are part of the Total life energy in the cosmos …..this realisation makes anger, fear,jealosy for other lives disappear and the “oness” thought comes in….which the Budha,Jesus,Mohammed and all other great prophets and saints realised!!!!! (and one more comment added on 28 March 2010 at 1.35 AM)

  4. Wesley Hallock says:

    Hi Stace! For those on the writer’s lonely path (a path I have trod) I recommend Peter Bowerman’s, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher. It will save you years.

  5. Nagarajan says:

    Yes. I want to continue this Om Shreem Brzee Namah till 135000. Iam sure that any benefit will come soon. I believe God.

  6. Nagarajan says:

    I have completed 135000 times on 25th Sept 2013 chanting Om Shreem Brzee Namah. I will definitely get benefit of financial outcome soon.
    I believe this Mantram.

  7. V. Tantry says:

    Thank you for providing this info. about the mantra Shreem Brzee! It inspires me to continue with chanting this mantra! I also have more about this mantra @

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