Non-Coding DNA and the Non-Coding Cosmos

A supervast and unseen mix of dark matter and energy, which I call the Non-Coding Cosmos, fills most of the Universe. Observable reality – what we perceive – provides a dramatic contrast to the bigger picture. A radical relationship between non-coding DNA and the larger cosmic reality can be imagined in which the Non-Coding Cosmos activates DNA, thus bringing forth our existence.

Non-coding DNA is just as elusive as the Non-Coding Cosmos. Only about three percent* of DNA has a known purpose, providing each individual’s unique genetic code – yet vastly more DNA is stuffed into our cells. Why the extra baggage? Perhaps it has to do with the apparent syntax of DNA’s own “dark matter.” No one has been able to figure out the language that seems to be cleverly set in Non-Coding DNA, yet there is an undeniable underlying syntax to the “extra” DNA, which imparts a code…a language.

We may be wavering at the frontier of existence and reality – but the Dark Universe is difficult to study, rather like the mystery language in our DNA. If non-coding DNA indeed contains a language, however, what is it saying? And what if the Non-Coding Cosmos is the lens through which the message is seen?

Most DNA is like most of the Universe in being generally inaccessible.  A remarkable reverse correlation presents too, in the extreme difference in size – one tiny and the other unfathomably huge. Both contain immense amounts of information. Is the wizard a self-organised intelligence, or shall we anthropomorphise quanta and dark energy?

Perhaps the answers to such “unanswerable” questions exist – even by design – within the overlap of Non-Coding DNA and the Non-Coding Cosmos. The two do seem to share a natural affinity; perhaps they’re even designed to be interactive.

Considering recent developments in intelligence and consciousness research, if non-coding DNA and the Non-Coding Cosmos exist in symbiosis, then a critical paradigm shift regarding our cosmic origins and purpose could be imminent. Rapidly-developing technologies and recovered sacred consciousness tools may lead us to decipher cosmic secrets lying in wait, right before our eyes.

*estimates vary, but between 3 and 10 percent of our DNA is thought to be that portion that comprises our genetic code.


D.B. Cline, quoted in Scientific American:  “Determining the nature of this missing mass [i.e., what I speculate may be the Non-Coding Cosmos] is one of the most important problems in modern cosmology and particle physics. It has been noted that the names “dark matter” and “dark energy” serve mainly as expressions of our ignorance, much as the marking of early maps with “terra incognita.”

I first learned about Zipf’s Law, which has been used to show the linguistic patterns within so-called “junk” DNA, while reading Graham Hancock’s Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.

Rick Strassman, from his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule: “…in Channel Normal, our body is solid, has discrete boundaries, and responds to gravity. While we are perceiving Channel Dark Matter, we may be experiencing our body [without] visible light and gravity…..”

copyright STACE TUSSEL

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6 Responses to “Non-Coding DNA and the Non-Coding Cosmos”

  1. Stace says:

    The challenge in putting together this page is that I’m not a tecchie….I’m working on it. Stay tuned, and soon we’ll be rolling along.

  2. Junk DNA…I’m glad you labeled it “so called” junk dna. I’m fairly certain that although we don’t know the purpose of this non-coding dna, that it has a purpose nonetheless. I think you chose an appropriate topic for your first post. There are no greater mysteries on this planet than that of our genetic make up. I absolutely am intrigued that some scientist have found a kind of syntax with this non-coding dna and perhaps maybe it’s the story or our soul.

  3. Carl Swenson says:

    Hi Stace;
    For not being a tecchie I would say you are doing darn good. If you’re interested in another view of physics, that is not discussed by mainstream scientists, go to That is the site of Thomas Bearden. His revelations about the history of mainstream science and the politics of what is and isn’t taught in colleges is very revealing. If you go to his correspondence section and read his paper entitled “Precursor engineering, and the falsification of modern physics”, you’ll realize that the majority of advanced technology is available now and is not being used due to vested interests. This paper also gives you an incite into possible alternate methods of analyzing DNA through the frequency dimension.
    You stated that you had some unusual video and pictures that you wanted to post. Please do, they would be very interesting.
    Satiate your curiosity. Carl S.

  4. Stace says:

    …I’ve done so much reading and formulating with endless thought into something that I know in my own heart of hearts – and while I’ve heard many mentions of Bearden, I haven’t read much of his work. Certainly the canon has never done much for me, though it has its place. I am very familiar, however, with Steven Greer’s Orion Project, and feel certain that “free energy” (as a working concept, if not strictly monetarily free at this point) is abundant and will soon be a necessary (thus, revealed) part of human survival on the planet. Then again, perhaps other planets or planet-like celestial bodies will prove to be more inhabitable by increasingly “advanced” beings such as evolving human lifeforms!
    I’m working on the “tecchie” part – i.e., getting this website to look a little neater, a bit more interesting. The video and pics will add a lot, as will some formatting and the addition of functional categories, etc. Look for updates soon – perhaps by early February. I hope to at least get a graphic or two up; we shall see once my website-savvy buddy visits next week.
    And I’ll check out Your mention of [new or different] insight into analysing DNA has piqued my interest, and it’s time I take Bearden off the back burner. My reading list in recent years has been focused and helpful, but indeed pretty scant when it comes to all the sources out there. I really enjoy Ervin Laszlo, Terence McKenna, Graham Hancock….all very good – but perhaps relatively elementary in some ways, more geared to the “lay” reader than Bearden’s work. Which reminds me, there is another post I’ve been meaning to put up, about how I process information and come around to what I speculate has import to me. Some of it’s “on the level” and some is “off the wall,” but it’s all relevant when it comes to personal exploration. I should get to that in the next day or two.
    I would love to know how you found my site, by the way. Perhaps a related questionnaire will be added here as my “tech-savvy-ness” improves over time. I do want to get more dialogue started….
    Thanks for your contribution, Carl. Stace

  5. Stace says:

    Forgot to mention, Carl, another researcher who appears to have some fascinating insights into particle physics: Dr. Garrett Lisi. I’m just beginning to delve into some of his work after learning more about him at a recent lecture given by GW Hardin. I understand one of Dr Lisi’s talks can be viewed on, and look forward to learning more about his “Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything,” a “TOE” based on pure geometry…

  6. Carl Swenson says:

    Hi Stace;
    I saw a small description of your crop circle adventures by Stephen Strzelinski on BigOrb and decided to check out what you found out!
    You said you were familiar with Steven Greers Orion project site. I have been studying alternate energy technology for many years. Originally I found Stevens disclosure Project site first back in the 90s. Stevens cseti site has quite a bit of information about his many years practicing meditation and altered states of consciousness. Since that time I have developed some of my own contact techniques. His vectoring, and one mind, techniques are very effective. Stephen’s book, Extraterrestrial Contact, is very revealing as to the origin of our recent higher technology burst of information. I had worked in Silicon Valley for many years with computer hardware and later as a technical specialist for three or four semi conductor, start up companies. I had always wondered where the original semiconductor transistor design, had come from. Especially since the background technology for its invention had no basis in realized scientific writings. I think, a smart person reading the right books can understand that the progression of the human experience is behind track, and could get back on track, if we all make an attempt to see what is possible and push for change. Oh well I could talk for hours, if no one stops me. But anyway, that’s a small snippet of some of my realizations over the years. PS I tried to find Dr. Garrett Lisi on but couldn’t. I’ll look him up online and try to read more of his work.

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