Connecting with Other Intelligence

We’re not alone in the cosmos; my reality assures me of that.  A paradigm shift is churning, one we can choose to be ready for or to ignore until denial falls under certain change.

It’s not like we haven’t been here before, though….

Evidence suggests that inter-intelligence encounters have been considered a part of normal reality, perhaps because states of mind conducive to encounters have also been part of normal reality.  Some cultures still honour and preserve their ancestral heritage, without a bias against phenomena that is too often derisively labelled “paranormal.”

We would be wise, I say, to embrace contact, especially now when we have both the opportunity and the necessity to transform from an planet-based to a galactic civilisation.  While the industrialised world’s ubiquitous chemical pollutants, electromagnetic interference, and rampant rage of all denominations won’t stop the encounters, neither will they provide a positive context for contact.

The sharing of consciousness is easier during altered states such as meditative trance, sleep, and shamanic ecstasy.  Empaths tend to attract the attention of non-human intelligence (a link which I’ll discuss more in an upcoming post).  I believe that’s because certain brainwaves related to each of the mentioned states provide a welcome interface or platform for interaction.

Anyone who desires fearless interaction with other intelligence can and should prepare themselves for it.  Having identified key barriers as well as enablers to contact, I would advise taking steps as soon as possible to do what you can to thoughtfully initiate contact.  Perhaps this means leaving the city to exist peacefully in nature, even if the move is temporary.  Or maybe it’s a stroll through the park on Sunday morning.

Whatever it is, make it happen.  Center yourself in the cosmos and give yourself some space.


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One Response to “Connecting with Other Intelligence”

  1. kelle baley says:

    Your thoughts and encouragement to all of us is on time and on target. I think of the many ships that currently surround our Planet documented by NASA taken at 300 miles above the surface. Perhaps we need to ask ourselves what they are doing here that is benevolent since mostly they sit by and wait for something to happen to all of us rather than intervene too radically. Certainly, it is a current event that affects each of us both unconscious and conscious. It also reminds me of the Dogon Tribe who retell of the contact with the people from the Sirius star system. They have done this for many many generations. It is not considered paranormal, it is to them a normal understanding of where their own seeds come from. I wonder how often they themselves have conscious contact with these races. That which is yet positive about contact with other lifeform consciousness IS affecting our own as it always has been. Now, what we do about this may lead to more important discoveries of ourselves.

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