Breaking News: Colin Andrews Finally Blows the Whistle!

Colin Andrews played an important role in my learning about crop circles when I read his book Circular Evidence 15 years ago.  In Wiltshire and Hampshire during the summer of 1997, I spent time doing field research with Colin and with pilot and researcher Busty Taylor, was taught how to dowse the circles by the late Richard Andrews, and rubbed elbows with other researchers at Alton-Barnes’ famous “Barge Inn.”  Many of those friends and acquaintances have bravely stood by the fact that even though many circles are human-made, the genuine phenomenon has never gone away.

Some of my old friends, “croppies” as they were called, have in recent years downplayed or even completely denied the non-human role in crop circles, focussing instead on the fantastic “crop art” being made by groups of human “crop artists” – many of whom are, in odd twists of fate, friends of mine.  I have nothing against “crop art,” but I do take issue with the quick conclusion that because impressive crop art is being plastered all over websites and calendars around the world, that’s representative of crop circles in general.  “Just because some dollar bills are counterfeit doesn’t mean that all dollar bills are counterfeit.

Colin Andrews, myself, and others, even in the face of ridicule, have remained outspokenly convinced that the genuine phenomenon existed, and still exists, even as “crop art” became the talk of the town.  Now Colin has come forth with an absolutely brilliant compilation of evidence that shows that not only were the British Ministry of Defence and the Royal Family extremely interested in the original phenomenon, but that over the years, denials were perpetrated by false “UFO spokespersons” as part of the coverup, which is now revealed in impressive detail here:

If you have any interest at all in the genuine phenomenon, I urge you to read Colin’s expose’.  (It’s not a quick nor easy read – so allow yourself some time.)  I’m elated that he has finally come forth with this compilation that supports those of us that know, beyond a doubt, that not all crop circles are made by people out to fool us!  Thank you, Colin, for taking a stand!  He is right in the preface he attached when he e-mailed news of this post today:  “This is the most important article I’ve ever written and was not easy for me to do.  Mainly because of confidentialities Ive (sic) held over the years but I had to make a statement before history gets re-written again. There is going to be some media and no doubt some backlash too: Bottom line is that the magic is getting lost in the noise.”  The backlash to which he refers is that disharmony that will be once again feverishly stirred up between the “real” camp and the “human-made” camp.  We could forego all that if we’d just accept that crop circles and crop art are related only in their general facades.

For anyone out there wanting to get into a real crop circle, you will need to find your methods of determining the real ones from the imposters – which isn’t difficult to do.  On the other hand, if you simply want to go into “crop art” for the charm it has to offer, you’ll find many examples to enjoy.  Just remember that there’s no point in denying that they are two radically different phenomena.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to realise and remember that the “real deal” is obviously created by non-human intelligence, without direct human intervention on the ground but often with a clear psychic (telepathic) component.  The implications are staggering – and in this day, that statement really needs no explanation…

NOTE:  Colin Andrews’ article is strictly copyrighted, so if you want to share the information, please respect that and share the link to his site, giving proper credit where credit is due!     STACE TUSSEL

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