Waves of Extraordinary Experience: We Are All Cymatics in Action

Sound is commonly thought of as audio perception, but by another definition sound is “transmitted vibrations of any frequency.”  The tree falling in the forest transmits waves, so technically the answer to the quesion “…does it make a sound?” is yes:  the surrounding landscape and everything in it, including earth, air, vegetation, and animals, will register the vibrations.  The receiver needn’t be an ear.

That said, my latest jaunt beyond the mundane has shown me that waves are a possible key to unlock the vast unseen landscapes of consciousness.  I extend gratitude to the visionaries who’ve helped facilitate the evolution of my ideas over many years:  Ervin Laszlo, Graham Hancock, Itzhak Bentov, Terence McKenna, to name a few. A reference to crop circles and an extension of gratitude to the circlemakers is also apropos since they’ve informed my reality since 1995.

Regardless of your personal belief about crop circles, for the purpose of understanding Wave Theory, trust that real, repeated interactions have taken place between myself and others and a distinctly non-human intelligence that won’t be captured or replicated in a laboratory.

The Ridgeway formation of 2009 near Avebury, is a remarkable representation of Wave Theory.  Compare my diagram of the Thompson, North Dakota formation of 2000 (at right) with Andreas Muller’s preliminary diagram of the Ridgeway formation (at left).  The continuation of form after nine years and over the entire Atlantic indicates high-order  inspiration.

The formation has been interpreted in many ways, including the obvious fan or propeller.  But to my eyes the Ridgeway circle resembles a labyrinth, and also a stylised portrayal of the transceiver / waveguide concept, which I’d go so far as to deem an archetype.  (I’m going to do my best to explain why I feel this way and how it applies to Wave Theory – but without a canon-scientific background, and having many other issues taking up my time, I’ve laboured over how to express it for literally weeks, and this rough draft is as good as it’s going to get, for now…)

We are cosmic transceivers, both transmitting and receiving waves, and this continual oscillation is the basis of our very existence – our reality.  Consider that we’re emitting a variety of waves all the time, and that our medium is the entire cosmos.  Likewise, the cosmos is always sending waves our way – and we’re autonomic receivers, functionally producing tiny, continual bursts of reality.  When in coherent resonance, these waves may create extraordinary reality in the form of synchronicities and other manifestations of cosmic faerie dust.

Where these waves intersect, depending on their specific resonance, unique interference patterns result, creating new tributaries toward the cosmic fractal (helix?).  (I should mention that considering whether or not thought has mass is relevant to Wave Theory.  I’ve explored that question previously and won’t go into cumbersome detail here.)  It would seem these interactions, in the form of interference patterns, play a critical role in creating our reality.

We know that sound and other vibrations create patterns.  Like sand on a plate hit by vibrations, interaction registers a unique point within the hologram – a transient snowflake of awareness in an infinite blizzard of consciousness.  Consider that a wave by itself, with no medium to interact with, would know only itself – with no discernible reality beyond its borders.  But because waves go on and on, touching other waves is inevitable and connection is a given.

As transceivers, we’re constantly imprinting and being imprinted by the wave-filled cosmic medium.  I want to use the example of a sea which sustains waves (e.g., in the form of small whitecaps as well as high tsunamis), where the same body of water doesn’t depend on those waves for existence.  In this way we may consider the cosmic unified field as a timeless ocean, alive with infinite wave intersections and immediate realities, yet maintaining cosmic signatures of the past and future – the Akashic records, some say.

A cosmic ordering effect is evident in these infinite small realities embedded in an infinite cosmic reality.  For example, Masaru Emoto’s photos of ice crystals compellingly suggest that thought waves, specifically when amplified, can be imprinted in a crystal visually representing the vibration of the water, which is itself an amalgam of so many other waveforms overlaid and entangled – to what degree, who knows?

The process and effects of quantum entanglement quite easily inform the idea of larger-scale resonance – that is, wave entanglement, which, seen through the lens of quantum theory, is integral to an evolving understanding a self-regulating entity, the yin and yang of existence. In other words, the static canon of science past is being balanced out by a communal synaptic, intuitive knowledge that is the conglomeration of waves in a contained space creating acceleration.

Where waves create similar patterns in close proximity, the corresponding resonance creates wave entrainment.    Itzhak Bentov, in Stalking the Wild Pendulum, gives the example of pendulums that initially swing randomly beside one another but that soon entrain.  Entrainment acts on events in our lives and our immediate states.

Examples range from a relatively recent focus on DNA and our recent discovery of the “DNA Nebula” near the galactic centre,  to a seemingly isolated extraordinary experience like my thinking of Noam Chomsky and then pulling a book off a random shelf and opening to the page on which the words Noam Chomsky jump out.  In the Chomsky example, not only was I propagating waves by focusing on the name earlier, but the written letters and the concepts in the book were also sending out vibrations – and where they created an interference pattern, a synchronicity occurred.

All this is really just a side effect of chaos, which comes back to order in endless cycles, creating a fractal reality, inside and out – rather like mass consciousness mirrors individual consciousness.  Reality is the result of our wave signatures interacting in a coherent dance with a correspondingly pervasive cosmic intelligence that, if I may broadly anthropomorphise, humanity is gradually befriending.

Imagine we are packets of order sculpted by perspective amidst a cosmic-scale curly fractal, embedded in chaos, representing endless versions of ourselves at other quantum magnitudes.  Everything that exists is emitting waves that extend infinitely, thus creating an endless array of intersections – and sometimes, coherent interference patterns with surprising results.

To each of you, in gratitude:  be well and happy.


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4 Responses to “Waves of Extraordinary Experience: We Are All Cymatics in Action”

  1. First, here’s the previous article I read before reading Stace’s posting here:


    A story about finding a synchronistic bit of text in a book, just like the essay above.


    Two days ago I had posted about my synchronicities on an on-line forum. Another person cam on and dismissed me with a bit of contempt. Saying, in essence I was making a big deal out of nothing.

    It bugged me, and I was sort of stewing in my own juices – and then – I get an email from Stace, and it is more than a little bit relevant. And here is the next posting I put up on that forum:

    I wrote:

    Okay – I just posted that thing above about my feelings about synchronicities, and I sat here at my desk, all insecure and defensive. How to articulate the stuff that has happened to me in the last 3 years without sounding like a obnoxious zealot or an airy-fairy weirdo. (alas, I am sort of both)

    Then, my email “beeps” and I get a note from a pal who I have only met once. Here’s one curious thing we have in common. We BOTH had the experience of a sort of premonition (the right word?) that proceeded a series of crop circles here in the US.

    Here’s my story, I was at my desk and I simply had a thought that it would be nice to see a crop circle. The thought was something that just popped into my head. I come to find out that one appeared that night about 30 miles from my house (close by idaho standards) and that was where I met her, two days later. She was doing crop circle research.

    She has a very similar story where she meditated and asked for a crop circle, and she later found out that appeared near her home that night! She didn’t find out about it until she saw it in the news paper at her mother’s house. Later, she looked at a map and her house (where she meditated), her Mom’s house, and the crop circle made a perfect straight line if you set a ruler on the map. The circle was in the middle. And this line spanned over 100 miles.

    Then she goes on to list a slew of things that she and I have in common. (I’m leaving that out, cuz some are personal)

    But, here’s how she concluded her note (some editing by me to eliminate personal stuff)

    We each expressed a desire for a crop circle to check out and we both got our wishes answered right away… Just one in a continuum of synchronicities, a few of them down to shared details; some of them whisper, some of them shout.

    Big synchronicities fill our lives… These synchronicities inform our reality on a daily basis. We learn as we remember and interpret past synchronicities, and we’re grateful when a new one happens. And they never become mundane. They always, always thrill.

    … It’s real, Mike – it’s real.

    Okay – she sent this to me right as I was stewing about synchronicities. I was sort of wallowing in a place of negative wishy-washiness. And then I get her emphatic email.

    Again – this proves absolutely nothing. But, I makes me wonder – and it makes me feel good!

    (how’s that!)

    Mike Clelland!

  2. Stace says:

    I love that our experiences have coincided….and that it means something to you, as to me….

    To confirm, there was a specific order of events that led up to the Inman, KS crop circle of June, 1995. You can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfMfVyr8m3M.

    I think it’s important to point out a few corrections (although who knows how significant they are in the “scheme of things:)” 1) I was in Topeka at someone’s house I’d just met that night, 2) I’d only weeks before found Colin Andrew and Pat Delgado’s book “Circular Evidence,” 3) I wished for a crop circle there in Topeka, 4) the crop circle appeared at that moment, witnessed by a farmer on a tractor, 5) I found out about it while at my mom’s house several days later, and the crop circle appears on a line between where I wished for the circle and where it appeared (see video if you wish), 6) this is a most extraordinary synchronicity, clearly an intentional inter-intelligence communication. And, 7) or whatever – this proves everything…

    to me.

    Bigger messages here – bigger messages.

  3. I loved this post. There is so much I want to say but when it comes right down to it, I can express it with a single saying. We are all just ripples in a pond, each of our lives touching another in an endless series of ripples, events, and synchronicities. Maybe this is the framework to the universal consciousness. I found this definition of consciousness after I did a google search of universal consciousness:

    Consciousness can be defined as –

    • the self awareness, inner sensibility or cognisance
    of the processing of one’s own existence –
    • the aggregate, collective or Unified Field of the interplay
    of all of the energies which make up all life.

    I thought it was a nice complement to your post!!!

  4. Wildrote says:

    To make a very tiny comment on a post which really deserves a deeper response, I still really enjoy how your writing and thoughts make me think of Bucky Fuller. Perhaps if him and Jung had a beautiful love child, but I don’t think so.

    You’re an original Stace,

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