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EMPATH EYES – A Correlation between Eyes and Empathy? ~ Part One

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Five-year old’s eyes

Is there a way to predict empathy and/or empathic potential within a person based on the appearance of their eyes?  Might a link exist between large pupils and empathy?  Based on anecdotal observation, I suggest considering the possibility.

Without knowing of a confirmed correlation between large pupils and empathy, I’ve thought about a few questions regarding the significance and implications of such a link, should it exist.

As Rupert Sheldrake has done with creative confirmations of prior thought experiments, we may design a statistically-significant study of whether or not a link between eye appearance and empathy exists.  Simple observations may put light on the question in the meantime, but we should remember a few things before drawing conclusions.

Certain physiological conditions can create a apparent lack of empathy, or lack of empathetic display, at least, such as that noted in individuals within the autism spectrum.  Cases of autism continue to rise, so determining whether the autistic individual’s pupil size is significantly different than the non-autistic individual’s shouldn’t be difficult.  Do they have smaller pupils than those with higher degrees of empathy – or might we discover they have the largest pupils?  Whichever the case, that finding would significantly impact the conclusions of the research.

Environmental chemicals and the use of certain pharmaceuticals and street drugs may artificially shrink pupils.  Using acceptable protocol we can possibly show a correlation between chemical and pharmaceutical effects on pupil size and empathic tendencies.

Newborn children, in particular, often (not always) seem to have very large pupils, as I’ve observed in my family and friends’ children.  The pupils of an indigo child or starseed are immeasureable expanses of truth and cosmic understanding, perhaps moreso in an encouraging environment.  I have noted this characteristic in people of all ages who are filled with love and light.

Some have speculated that most children are born empaths.  But, as seems to be the case in certain recent generations, many lose the capacity for empathy over time.  As they grow older, children are conditioned to rely more on sensory and social cues and less on empathetic ones.  Their pupils shrink correspondingly so that ironically they seem to follow the “norm,” until by adulthood, many of them have pinpoint pupils.  A barrage of envirotoxins ranging from food additives to various dehumanising experiences may also lead to pupil shrinkage over time, with an accompanying attenuation of empathic experience.

EMPATH EYES – A Correlation between Eyes and Empathy? ~ Part Two

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

If a correlation exists between eye dilation and empathy, of what significance might this be?  That question currently has no straightforward answer.  Several scenarios would have to be considered and examined.

Might empaths may be generating more endogenous DMT, or perhaps some other self-produced compound, with ongoing dilatational effect on the pupils?  Starseeds, healers, and other empaths filled with love and light would tend to have larger or somehow captivating pupils, and I’ve anecdotally noticed this trend.  We might realise that our pupils dilate when our world is richer – and that correspondingly, when we and our pupils are more open, the world becomes richer.  Empathy would seem to be an attractor for extramundane experience.

What would we do with that knowledge?

Pleiadean Communication and Crop Circles

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

In the early- to mid-1990s I was going through an increase in anomalous encounters with what I consider non-human intelligence.  Interaction occurred primarily during the middle of the night, but I sensed interaction as well while I was listening to certain trance music through headphones – particularly “Pleiadean Communication” by A Positive Life.  In early June of 1995 I listened to it perhaps a hundred times, or more.

At the same time, numerous synchronicities involving the Pleiades came at me, and I distinctly felt that whatever was “visiting” me was Pleiadean in nature.  As the song infused me, something in me seemed to “click into place.”  I felt something special happening, but I didn’t know exactly what it was, or what it meant…but I was soon to find out.

On Friday evening, the 16th of June, my friend Sonja and I drove from Emporia, Kansas, where we were both attending college, to Topeka, to visit with a friend of hers that I’d never met before.  I believe his name was Michael.  He handed me a book called the Keys of Enoch (Enoch being a major pseudopigraphal work) and showed me some photos of southern England’s recent crop circles.

I’d only recently “discovered” crop circles, via the classic Circular Evidence by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado, so I was interested in these designs which had apparently been evolving in complexity throughout the early 1990s.  But unlike the circles in the book, which were relatively simple in nature while showing anomalous details that seemed to eliminate humans as a factor in their creation, the circles Sonja’s friend showed me depicted undeniably intelligent designs. My impression of these complex circles was that they weren’t the real deal; surely the fancy ones were fakes.  But I kept that to myself.

As Michael handed me a full-colour calendar back from a prior year, with twelve beautiful photos including 1991’s famous Barbury Castle formation, I thought (with a touch of natural skepticism, I suppose):  “Show me one of these in Kansas, and then I’ll believe.”  Now, this is very important:  The time was about 10.30 on Friday night, 16 June 1995, and I was sitting in a stranger’s house on the west side of Topeka, Kansas, holding a calendar back, literally asking for a crop circle to investigate.  This, too, I kept to myself – or so I thought.

The next few days passed quickly.  My younger brother got married Saturday and my older brother and his family were visiting from Ohio.  So on Thursday morning, the 22nd of June – almost a week after I’d wished for a Kansas crop circle – we were all sitting around my mother’s dining room table in a small town in south-central Kansas.  Mom was looking at the Hutchinson News, and she read aloud, “Here, Stace – Crop Circle Mars Inman Wheat Field.”

There on the front page was a photo of a farmer standing in a brand new crop circle formation little more than an hour away from my mother’s house.  I wouldn’t normally have been at Mom’s house on a Thursday – what luck!  Within minutes I had phoned Mr Regier for permission to enter his field and directions to the site, packed the car with Dad’s tape measure and a camera, and said some quick good-bys.

Ironically, in the excitement of the moment, I had completely forgotten my request the Friday previous for a crop circle of my own to investigate.  More about confirmation later….

Because the crop circle had only been found on the 20th and reported in the news on the 22nd, my daughter and I were two of only a few people to have stepped into the formation. I felt a sense of elation and wonder that beautiful Thursday morning as I photographed and took measurements of the gleaming golden crop lay.  The ground details were beautiful.  I knew what to look for after having pored over Circular Evidence with such interest. I carefully inspected the entire formation, which stretched about 120 feet (about 36.5 metres) from east to west.  My daughter and I carefully measured each facet’s dimension, and I photographed and documented details like gap-seeking, isolated standing stalks, and underlying swirls.

The diagram I produced from measurements was painstakingly created from careful ground measurements; no aerial photo has ever been found. The crop circle shape resembles an old tractor:  a large circle to the east was connected by a thin path to a smaller circle to the west, which had another thin path leading directly north out of the smaller circle before jutting east, almost like an exhaust pipe.

The samples I collected of the affected and control wheat were sent to Michigan. WC Levengood,, confirmed that the sprouted wheat from the control samples grew normally, whereas the wheat from various points within the formation grew significantly more rapidly and evenly.

As I continued my investigation over the next several days, I interviewed a farmer named Chad who witnessed astonishing light phenomena that “made the hair on [his] arms stand on end.”  (Note: piezoelectric effect, perhaps?)  He was tilling a field on the warm, muggy night of June 16th, and at around 10.30, he suddenly saw a stationary row of several lights “like car headlights on dim” above the field across the road to his north, “stirring up dust.”  The strange lights “spooked” him, he said.  He turned the tractor around at the end of a row, looked back, and the lights were gone.  And four days later, on the 20th of June, Mr Regier found the crop circle in the exact spot Chad had seen the lights.

Was the timing mere coincidence?  I didn’t think so; 10.30 PM on the 16th of June was so specific that I had to take it personally. And something about the song “Pleiadean Communication” kept coming back to me….as though by listening to what I feel may have been channeled music I had entered a true trance state which had allowed an interface between myself and the circle makers.  That my request had apparently been answered immediately was notable.  But who knows – maybe I needed just a little more evidence….

To cement my knowledge that inter-intelligence communication had occurred between myself and the circle makers, a full year later in the summer of 1996 an even wilder synchronicity was revealed.  On a whim, I decided to take out a map of Kansas (82,282 square miles of land) and put a point on the map where I had originally wished for a crop circle and another where I had initially learned about the Inman formation.  With a ruler, I drew a straight line between the two points – a geographical distance of about 160 miles.  There, on the line, six miles east of Inman and a mile north on paved county roads, then a quarter mile back west on a dirt road, was the precise spot of the Inman formation.

So not only did the crop circle appear at the moment I wished for it, but it took the stylised form of the tractor on which rode the only known witness to its creation….and it appeared directly on an extraordinarily significant axis.  All of this without a word spoken – only a private wish calling out from deep within me.  Webster couldn’t do better at defining “communication.”  At that moment I beamed one of the biggest smiles of my life, I’m sure.

I feel sure the circle makers were smiling too…


NOTE:  My field report and diagram were published in the Summer 1996 issue of The Circular, a UK periodical now out of print.

To Be Fair…(addendum to last post)

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

After reading Colin Andrews’ expose’, I felt that so much that had been known but sidelined for so long was validated, and I reacted with considerable fervour to that wonderful news. But I must also acknowledge that although the genuine phenomenon is a different creature than the human-made formations, there is rumoured to be an overlap of what might be called “supernatural” activity within both.

Balls of light (BOLs) and UFOs are a common sight in and around the non-human-made formations.  Reportedly they’ve been seen in association with human crop art as well.  Likewise, some human circlemakers claim to have designed a formation on paper, but when they get to the field to lay down the crop they find the circle has already appeared – as though someone or something had read their mind.

While an overriding theme of deception in the human “crop art” makes me wonder at the trustworthiness of some of the people reporting this activity, I can’t discount it out of hand due to the known extremes of inter-intelligence communications.  So, to be fair, there appear to be inexplicable events associated with the human-made formations.  Whether this indicates a playfulness on the part of the non-human circlemakers (which certainly isn’t hard to imagine) or something else, it deserves recognition.  But I reiterate, the two phenomena are different animals.  Circlemaking teams tend to make formations and then keep their activities secret, which undoubtedly contributes a huge part to the British crop circle fascination.  I must question their motives:  innocent, as in “They’re enjoying it – so what’s the harm?” or less-so, as in “Ha! They really think ours was put down by ET!”

My post was really more about the evidence of a real coverup revealed by Colin Andrews, not about putting down the efforts of the human crop artists or discounting those formations’ value.  The artists do a fine job, and since the mystique is central to their art, revealing who they are and which formations they create would take much of the fun out of their work.  So, the dilemma is to how to tell them apart – if it matters to you.  It matters to me, so I’ll detail briefly what I believe are a few of the more definitive signs of the original crop circle phenomenon:

1)  The interaction between human and non-human consciousness, i.e., telepathic communication between humans and the non-human circlemakers, with extreme synchronicities seemingly arranged to confirm said communication, such as I’ve reported in my article “Pleiadean Communication and Crop Circles” (to be posted here in edited form soon).

2)  Specific ground details (not the common ones that humans have mastered or are scientifically explained) that would require extraordinary planning and expertise far, far in excess of what is needed to convince 99.9% of those who believe “they’re all real! None are created by humans.” (Yes, there are some folks out there who still believe humans can’t possibly create those “perfect” patterns – which is fine – just like there are a few out there who believe that all crop circles are made by men.)

3) Circles that appear literally “in the middle of nowhere,” with no claim to fame and no publicity attached – many of which I’ve investigated here in vast, unpopulated areas of the United States and which have been downplayed or even completely ignored by mainstream media here.

To explain these notes in detail would require a much more lengthy post, so I’ll not go into that now.  But again, to be fair, it does appear that unusual activity, possibly related to inter-intelligence communications, may be happening within the realm of human-made crop art.  That said, the deception that pervades the movement in general turns me off, however, so for the time being I’ll relegate the study of that activity to those who are absorbed in the “crop art” movement and are drawn to that specific area of research.


Breaking News: Colin Andrews Finally Blows the Whistle!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Colin Andrews played an important role in my learning about crop circles when I read his book Circular Evidence 15 years ago.  In Wiltshire and Hampshire during the summer of 1997, I spent time doing field research with Colin and with pilot and researcher Busty Taylor, was taught how to dowse the circles by the late Richard Andrews, and rubbed elbows with other researchers at Alton-Barnes’ famous “Barge Inn.”  Many of those friends and acquaintances have bravely stood by the fact that even though many circles are human-made, the genuine phenomenon has never gone away.

Some of my old friends, “croppies” as they were called, have in recent years downplayed or even completely denied the non-human role in crop circles, focussing instead on the fantastic “crop art” being made by groups of human “crop artists” – many of whom are, in odd twists of fate, friends of mine.  I have nothing against “crop art,” but I do take issue with the quick conclusion that because impressive crop art is being plastered all over websites and calendars around the world, that’s representative of crop circles in general.  “Just because some dollar bills are counterfeit doesn’t mean that all dollar bills are counterfeit.

Colin Andrews, myself, and others, even in the face of ridicule, have remained outspokenly convinced that the genuine phenomenon existed, and still exists, even as “crop art” became the talk of the town.  Now Colin has come forth with an absolutely brilliant compilation of evidence that shows that not only were the British Ministry of Defence and the Royal Family extremely interested in the original phenomenon, but that over the years, denials were perpetrated by false “UFO spokespersons” as part of the coverup, which is now revealed in impressive detail here:

If you have any interest at all in the genuine phenomenon, I urge you to read Colin’s expose’.  (It’s not a quick nor easy read – so allow yourself some time.)  I’m elated that he has finally come forth with this compilation that supports those of us that know, beyond a doubt, that not all crop circles are made by people out to fool us!  Thank you, Colin, for taking a stand!  He is right in the preface he attached when he e-mailed news of this post today:  “This is the most important article I’ve ever written and was not easy for me to do.  Mainly because of confidentialities Ive (sic) held over the years but I had to make a statement before history gets re-written again. There is going to be some media and no doubt some backlash too: Bottom line is that the magic is getting lost in the noise.”  The backlash to which he refers is that disharmony that will be once again feverishly stirred up between the “real” camp and the “human-made” camp.  We could forego all that if we’d just accept that crop circles and crop art are related only in their general facades.

For anyone out there wanting to get into a real crop circle, you will need to find your methods of determining the real ones from the imposters – which isn’t difficult to do.  On the other hand, if you simply want to go into “crop art” for the charm it has to offer, you’ll find many examples to enjoy.  Just remember that there’s no point in denying that they are two radically different phenomena.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to realise and remember that the “real deal” is obviously created by non-human intelligence, without direct human intervention on the ground but often with a clear psychic (telepathic) component.  The implications are staggering – and in this day, that statement really needs no explanation…

NOTE:  Colin Andrews’ article is strictly copyrighted, so if you want to share the information, please respect that and share the link to his site, giving proper credit where credit is due!     STACE TUSSEL

Best Recent UFO Cases – Video Links

Monday, January 19th, 2009

EDITED:  ADDED NEW LINK 23 JANUARY 2009INAUGURAL UFO? Click on link to go to CNN Video coverage of Obama’s inauguration.  A few seconds into the video, the picture goes a panorama of the crowd with the Washington Monument in the background.  What is that very visible object streaking right to left?  The world’s fastest-flying bird, perhaps?


Until I can figure out how to format my website properly, things are all scattered about.  Sorry about that, but I’m working on it.

I recently received links to a MUFON case in California from this month (January 2009) and there are a few more videos posted at YouTube showing the same, or similar, diamond-shaped UFO.  This is part 1, so if you get to the YouTube page you can also look at part 2 and part 3, plus see similar video shot at other locations around the world recently:

After years of investigating UFOs, I would classify this video as outstanding.  If the young man who provides the footage really got what it looks like he got in the viewfinder, then it’s some of the best video UFO evidence I’ve seen.


Sightings of Import – Part Two

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

“They’re Probably Listening Right Now….”

In this post, I thought I’d go back to some memorable UFO activity from many years ago – in my pre-crop-circle days.  First I’ll share a few bits from the 1950s, the decade before I was born.

As an aside, which could indicate mere coincidence, earlier in the decade one of my father’s cousins, one Robert Adcock, was mysteriously lost during a military flight in the Bermuda Triangle. And as a Marine in the mid-1950s, my father once witnessed on radar a couple of blips indicating an unknown object travelling much faster than anything known to man at the time (and perhaps to this day).

But on to the later 1950s…..

My mother and father and sister lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment on the second floor of a house in Huntsburg, Ohio. Daddy worked nights, while Mom, just 16 years old, stayed at home.  My sister slept in a crib near the bed. One morning in late 1957 or early 1958, when my sister was about 9 months old, Daddy came home in the pre-dawn dark, and he and Mom lay in bed talking. Cheryl stood up in her crib, so Mom got up to put her in bed with Daddy and then went to get her a drink.

When Mom came back from the kitchen, something exceedingly strange happened – something that was not only witnessed by both of them but which was also confirmed later that day in a series of events I’ll describe next. Bear in mind that this took place over 50 years ago, but the story’s remained essentially the same each time I’ve brought it up with my parents:

Mom was standing in the doorway and Daddy and Cheryl were on the bed when a “laser beam” or stream of light shot straight through the window and hit the crib where Cheryl had been standing moments before, making a “cracking” sound on the wood. Lightning? No thunder. Car headlight? No chance, based on the location of the window. Flashlight? Not coming through a second floor window in a thin beam that resulted in a sound as it hit the crib.

Later that day, a clearly-defined and apparently radioactive circular area was investigated by mysterious men in the field nearby.  The news reported that a UFO that passed over the area, shutting down the electrical systems of cars on the road nearby for a few moments – yes, just like you see dramatised on television these days. Cars all stalled at once, and then a few moments later, they all started up again.

“Flying saucers” were fairly common in that area of Ohio during the late 1950s. Later, when Mom and Dad lived with my paternal grandparents in Windsor, a village just a few miles east of Huntsburg, my father saw actual craft. The farmstead stood on a hill overlooking the river valley between Windsor and Orwell, and more than once my father saw silver disks descending into the trees near the river.

Now fast forward oh, about thirty years – to around 1990. With my mother and father having divorced in 1970 or 1971, Daddy was living in Kansas City and my sister (the one from the crib story) in rural, south-central Kansas. He was visiting one evening, which was a rare occasion since KC is about 5 hours from my sister’s home. I was there, as was my younger brother (by my stepfather) and my sister’s four children. It was a late summer night, we were talking excitedly, and the subject turned to UFOs – probably at my urging.

Daddy started to describe some of his sightings as the family huddled around, listening intently. For some reason I (half-jokingly) said something to the effect of, “they can probably hear us now – they’ve probably been listening the whole time!” and everyone got a good laugh out of that. But in some odd way I meant it – and my brother (around age 15), my sister’s oldest daughter (who must’ve been around 12 at the time), and I decided to go on a walk down the dark, dirt road, flashlight in hand, to look at the stars and see if any “flying saucers” would show up. It was a clear night anyway, so I knew the stargazing would be good.

As we walked arm in arm, Michael started to blink the light off and on up toward the sky (which is a proven way of showing intent to communicate with ET – albeit high-powered spotlights rather than weak flashlights are more commonly used, and at the time I didn’t know the CSETI protocol). I laughed a bit as I playfully chided him, “If they’re up there, they’re not going to see that little light all the way down here!” And what do you know, just a few seconds later, in the exact spot I was gazing – pretty much directly overhead and quite close – a bright yellow-orange light turned on and jetted over as I exclaimed “Look at that!” in time to have both Cis and Michael look up and see, for just a second, this amber light that seemingly appeared in response to the evening’s discussion.

Now I’ve seen many meteors in my time, and tons of satellites too, and this was neither. It was as large as a streetlight from, say, a block or two away, and completely silent. It moved much faster than a starlike satellite, but moved slower and was larger and more defined than any meteor I’ve seen (other than “fireballs” I’ve seen dropping down on occasion). And the timing of its appearance – well, it couldn’t have been better.

Sometimes with ET, all you need to do is acknowledge, ask, and accept. If they’re in range, I feel it’s more likely that they’ll hear and respond, provided the curiosity is real and the intention pure. In fact, they seem to enjoy teasing us with this kind of cat-and-mouse game, although there are more serious and focused ways of instigating contact – CSETI training and practise being one of them. But from my experience, ET does seem to appreciate the innocence – and the awe – of “recognised confirmation” in a first-contact type of way.

In future posts, I’ll go into the more advanced and intentional methods of building meaningful contact with ET that can, and does, happen with practise – and generally only in the absence of fear. Until then, just remember, “they’re probably listening right now.” Indeed, perhaps they are….


Imagining the Metaverse – Sacred Science & Psychedelic Research

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Questions to Ponder

Does DMT or something like it somehow illuminate, from the inside, perhaps through some “trick” of nature, the quanta of which we are formed?   Does it enhance or even create the perception that we are animated, individual, sentient beings in our own right?

Can we dip into other dimensions of quantum consciousness that exist within independent universes so obscure we generally don’t realise they also exist in “ours?”

Are “we” interwoven with an other, unique DMT universe, populated by beings and animations that exist independent of us, yet who exist inside us as well?

Recommended Reading:

  • Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything by Ervin Laszlo.  (The term “metaverse” I use as Laszlo does in his book, referencing all universes – prior, present, and future.)
  • DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman.

Sacred Science, Extraordinary Awareness, and the Implications of Psychedelic Research

If you’re keenly interested in interdimensional contact and haven’t read Dr Rick Strassman’s book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, I highly recommend you do.  Here you’ll get firsthand reports of sudden transits into extreme and superreal otherworld destinations that are readily available to us by way of DMT, a chemical that our bodies and other organic, living matter produce naturally and which can also be synthesised in the lab, in which case it is deemed a controlled substance in the US and in some other countries.

The extent of DMT’s purpose isn’t known.  What we know is that when certain thresholds are surpassed by extraordinary amounts of circulating DMT, we may experience mystical states such as near-death and out-of-body experiences, alien encounters, epiphanies, and lucid dreams, among other “extramundane” states.

Within seconds of receiving high intravenous doses of DMT in a controlled setting, Strassman’s research volunteers landed in a wholly-different but real otherworld, many experiencing fully-conscious contact with various independent, sentient beings.

While the body remains in “this reality,” DMT-saturated awareness lands somewhere else entirely, often described as being like a spaceship, a circus, or some other artificial, energetic space.  Volunteers report a supernormal rapid relay of what seems like radical data – which, as with dreams, often fades to some degree once the DMT level attenuates.

Notably, in Strassman’s experiment, visuals of the DMT otherworld were oddly overlaid (i.e., as entirely different realities) upon the room if the subject’s eyes were open – rather like “two branes colliding,” in a cosmological sense, so volunteers wore an eyemask to prevent distortion of the dominant DMT field.   (I’d be curious to know if something happens in the brain that also shows up on functional MRI [fMRI].  To my knowledge, no one has checked that out yet.)   What is both anecdotally and scientifically documented is that certain concentrations of DMT, whether of endogenous or exogenous origin, seem to allow physical and mental awareness to separate and occupy totally different realities simultaneously.

That endogenous DMT may play a role in creating and/or facilitating, at will, temporary yet very real interdimensional encounters with other intelligent beings may be one way we humans may enter an otherworld, to explore some of the deepest mysteries of our time.  The question is, how can we increase endogenous DMT production, without being reborn or nearing death….?  Another question, perhaps, is should all humans, having given informed consent, whether for personal or cosmological insight, be allowed to experience levels of DMT that may well illuminate dimensions beyond the mundane?

copyright STACE TUSSEL

Sightings of Import – Part One

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Import – One

Personal Sightings of Import – Part One

A few years ago Denver experienced a wide-brimmed upturn in UFO reports – a mini-flap of sorts. My back patio was a gateway to frequent anomalous sphere sightings, as well as morphing UFOs and huge black rectangles.  I’m working on getting my best videos and photos posted here, and with any luck that’ll be any day now.

The first video I’d like to post will probably be the second or third. I don’t recall the exact day it happened, but it was summer. What appeared at first to be somewhat like a bird or windblown bag alternating sunlight and shadow continued a direct path across the sky from north to south, just to the east of me, with the sun to my back. Especially odd was the duration of this pattern; I videoed it for four or five minutes, its movement, apparent trajectory, and luminosity steady. I’d like Dilettoso to take a look. But first, I must find the tape.

The sightings I’ll share are highly anomalous and unexplained, like the large, dark grey sphere that flew over Denver west to east in a gusty easterly wind – clearly defying the “laws” of physics. No wings, no windows, no wavering …  no known origin, powersource, or function.  Yet still it flew between me and downtown, probably about two miles or so away, going maybe 100 miles per hour, perhaps faster.

I don’t know if anybody else witnessed that UFO or others like it, but if they did, I’d imagine they’ve got eyes like mine, trained for any aberration in the sky. Sometimes these things are like tiny stars just sitting in one place for minutes at a time in a bright blue sky, and most people never see them. That’s probably true with most sightings, some of which I managed to get on video.  I’ll try to post one as soon as I can.

Another of the most distinct and inexplicable sightings was of a pearly-white sphere hovering over my house for 20 minutes, unwavering, one early evening. There were two additional witnesses with me, as perplexed as I. As quickly as it had appeared and sat in one place for so long, seemingly in a state of mutual observation, it was simply gone…